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Madden NFL 25 (PlayStation 4)

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  • Release Date: 12/11/2013
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ESRB Rating: E - Everyone

Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 5.0
(3 ratings)

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Madden 25 ps4

Best football game ever far...worth getting  Read full review

Madden NFL

Was no fuss...Just ordered this Game....And Got it delivered through post!  Read full review

Madden NFL 25 (PlayStation 4)

Madden NFL 25 delivers incredible detail and control for an authentic, high-stakes NFL experience. Powered by the EA Sports Ignite engine, it features the most realistic player movement yet as well as living sidelines, rich commentary, and electric stadium atmospheres. Create your own legacy or relive one of the NFL greats as you dodge your way to the end zone, living the dream.

Product Features
  • Next-gen visuals: Up to 4x the texture resolution brings every detail of the players, equipment, stadiums and crowds to life for unprecedented realism and authenticity.
  • True Step player motion: Every step is carefully calculated so you can foot-plant, cut, and shift movements with the agility of an NFL athlete.
  • Run free: You can use more than 30 new moves and create devastating combos to unleash the power and precision of an NFL ball carrier.
  • Player Sense: Players scan the field, anticipate situations, and make moves based on their instincts and awareness. More than 50 contextual calculations bring the mental game back to football.
  • Offense vs. Defense: 4x more decisions per second and 300 new blocking interactions mean incredibly realistic offensive and defensive line play. Gameplay includes more realistic running lanes and passing pockets, and offensive linemen dynamically shift according to 3x new defensive line animations for physical, intense battles.
  • Madden Living World: Feel the electricity that only game day can bring. From the anxiety of the crowd to the excitement of your teammates and coaches, you'll experience all the energy and emotions the NFL has to offer. Intelligent commentary from Phil Simms, Jim Nantz, and Danielle Bellini complement the authentic atmosphere.
  • Owner mode: Take control of your favourite team to manage personnel, set prices, build a new stadium and more on your journey to become the ultimate sports tycoon.

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