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Neat Desk Scanner (00728) - Online Only

  • Model #: 00728
  • Web Code: 10163202
Neat Desk Scanner (00728)


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Neat Desk Scanner (00728)

NeatDesk is a high-speed desktop scanner and digital filing system that enables you to scan receipts, business cards and documents all in one batch. The patented technology identifies and extracts the important information—and automatically organizes it for you. Transform receipts into expense reports, business cards into address book contacts and create searchable PDF files from any document.

Product Features
You've got information trapped on paper. NeatDesk has the key. Because when your information is free, so are you - free to store it, organize it, even edit and reuse it.

  • At work or at home, NeatDesk de-clutters your workspace, providing a central "inbox" for all your papers
  • With NeatDesk, you get a digital filing cabinet that intelligently organizes and secures all your important information
  • Scanner works seamlessly with NeatWorks, the easy-to-install, intuitive software application to manage all your receipts, business cards, and documents
  • A removable input tray can scan both sides of up to 10 receipts, 10 business cards, and 10 documents at a time - or even a single, 50-page document.
  • Save digital copies of receipts and records of vendors, date sand totals
  • Create expense reports and manage business and personal expenses
  • Keep track of expenses for tax time
  • Export data to Excel, Quicken, QuickBook, TurboTax
  • Keep digital images of business cards and contact information
  • Capture name, address, company, title, etc.
  • Create your own searchable contact database
  • Export data to Outlook and more
  • Create searchable PDF files
  • Edit text using copy/paste
  • Organize and store in your digital filing cabinet
  • Microsoft Windows XP or Vista (64 bit is not currently supported)
  • Images can be saved in JPEG, PDF and other popular formats
  • Database can scale to approximately 1.5 million receipts
  • Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) Scanner
  • Colour/Greyscale/B&W CIS
  • Simplex, Duplex
  • Maximum Resolution: 600 dpi
  • Speed at 200 dpi (letter-size, simplex): 25 PPM Grayscale/B&W 8.5 PPM Colour
  • Speed at 300 dpi (letter-size, simplex): 17 PPM Grayscale/B&W, 6 PPM Colour

What's in the Box?

  • Installation CD
  • USB Cable
  • Scanner Calibration Paper
  • Scanner Cleaning Cloth
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power Supply
  • NeatWorks 4.0

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