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Neato Robotics Robotic Vacuum (XV-21) - White/ Purple

  • Model #: XV-21
  • Web Code: 10245273
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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 3.7
(3 ratings)

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Quite satisfied

I am very happy with this vacuum in general. It picks up cat and dog hair really well, but the one thing it is lacking is edge cleaning. It's clea  Read full review


if u have dog this is a right vacuum for you.  Read full review

Neato Robotics Robotic Vacuum (XV-21) - White/ Purple

Sit back and relax as the Neato Robotics XV-21 Pet & Allergy Robotic Vacuum cleans the room. This robotic vacuum scans, maps and plans its vacuuming route. It then efficiently vacuums in overlapping straight lines, sucking up dirt, debris and even tough pet hair. It works on all floor surfaces, so it can clean both the carpet in the living room and the hardwood floor in the kitchen.

Product Features
  • Scans, maps and plans its vacuuming route rather than aimlessly going in circles and bumping into walls and furniture
  • Laser eye uses infrared light to scan the surroundings five times every second
  • Cleans efficiently in straight, overlapping lines in a back and forth pattern
  • Centrifugal compression-impeller uses jet engine airflow principles to create high-suction airflow that picks up dirt, debris, pet hair, dander, fibres and other allergens
  • Schedule the vacuum to automatically clean while you do other things, or schedule it to clean on a regular basis
  • Works on all floor types, including hardwood floor and carpet
  • Because it's only four inches high, it can vacuum under beds, couches and other narrow spaces
  • Recharges itself automatically when the battery is low by returning to the base
  • Special pleated filter removes particles from air stream down to three microns in size, perfect for allergy sufferers and pet owners

What's in the Box?

  • Charging Base
  • Power Supply
  • Boundary Markers
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual

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