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Nintendo 3DS - Black

  • Model #: 3DS
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Definitely a premier gaming device, smaller then the 3DS XL which means I can fit it in my pocket and take it where ever. The selection of games is sl  Read full review

Nintendo 3DS - Black

The Nintendo 3DS puts the power of cool 3D gaming in the palm of your hand. Its dual screen design remains true to its predecessor, but the top screen can display 3D visuals without the need for special glasses. And with a great selection of games to choose from, you'll enjoy an immersive experience anywhere you go.

Product Features
  • The 3DS's bottom touchscreen lets you use the stylus to control games, while the top screen displays 3D visuals to the naked eye. The 3D effect can be turned up, turned down or turned off completely using the 3D depth slider.

  • A circle pad offers a full 360 degrees of direction for easy navigation in 3D worlds

  • Built-in motion and gyro sensors react to your every move as you tilt and twist the unit

  • One camera points at you, while two other cameras face outward

  • Listen to your MP3 or AAC music files with Nintendo 3DS sound

  • Wireless switch

  • Augmented Reality (AR) games and built-in applications

  • SD card slot, gyro sensor, motion sensor and pedometer

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