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Final Clearance Ooma Telo VoIP/Internet Phone System with Bluetooth Adapter

  • Model #: TELO CANADA+BT
  • Web Code: 10216459
(41 ratings)


The Ooma Telo Phone System connects to your high-speed internet and existing home phones, allowing you to enjoy free home phone service, free Canadian calling, and exceptionally low international rates. Enjoy the convenience of voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, and 911 service at no extra charge. Pay only applicable taxes and fees. It comes with an Ooma Bluetooth adapter.

More Information

  • Free calling in Canada and low international rates
  • Includes bonus Ooma Bluetooth adapter; add the convenience of answering your mobile phone calls on any phone in your home
  • Exceptional voice quality: PureVoice ensures the best voice quality of any VoIP service
  • 911 Alerts: You will be alerted by text or email the moment 911 is called from your Ooma number
  • Want to keep your phone number? Just pay a one-time porting fee of $39.99
  • Easy set-up: Ooma has a highly intuitive set-up with most customers up and making free calls in about 15 minutes

What's in the Box?

  • Telo
  • Ethernet Cable
  • AC Adapter

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)

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  • Colour
  • Height
    5 cm
  • Width
    19.5 cm
  • Depth
    15 cm
  • Weight
    0.41 kg
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



Customer Reviews

4.3 / 5
Based on 41 ratings,32 Reviews
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  • from NS
  • Jul 24, 2015

Security system working without issue

After all the other reviews I doubt I can add much to the conversation. The system works flawlessly, after I had it switched to 10 digit dialing. What I didn't see was anyone with their Ooma working with their security system. I tested my system tonight and it's working without issue. I wired it in at my main panel, to replace my outside line. This allowed my alarm system to be wired between the phone line and the jacks in the house. Now, all of my jacks work as they did with a normal phone line and my alarm is working properly as well. This is a great system, and now that I've proven it's able to work with a monitored alarm, I can't think of a single reason to stay with an old phone line.

  • from Montréal, QC
  • Jul 23, 2015

Very good service. Recommended strongly.

This is an unit that I bought for my relative after using it for more than a year myself. I must say that I'm very happy with it and what I pay monthly is really ridiculous (3.98) comparing to what I have paid before especially with all the integrated features like call id, voice mail, call waiting, Canada long distance illimited, just to name a few. Sound quality is extremely good comparing to other IP phone services and even comparing with regular land line. You might encounter issues once in a long while (3 times for me in more than a year) but to fix you just unplug and replug everything.

  • from Cambridge, ON
  • Jun 16, 2015

5 years and still going ..

ok, so i have had this unit for 5 years now and never a hitch. Costs me $3.95 a month and i can have 2 numbers, as well as unlimited long distance anywhere in continental US and Canada. Love the call block feature ( has both national block and user block features )and the online voicemail i can get anyplace I'm online. As well the ooma for android app is not too bad either. Can't say enough about it .. best money i ever spent

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Feb 16, 2015

Fantastic Product

I have used this product for over 2 years now and must say that it has worked flawlessly. I paid the extra ...$ to have my number ported over from the big guys and my bill went from 50$ a month down to 4$. I have recommended this product to all my friends and family and to anyone else that is sick of paying too much for home phone service. This is a must buy!!

  • from Calgary
  • Jan 06, 2015

Works well and saves me money

Set up was easy. After a month of testing with the free phone number, I ported my current phone number. Now all long distance calls to Canada & US is free. So far voice quality is excellent, nobody on the other end even knows I'm not using a standard land line. Ability to block phone numbers is an added plus. No more annoying telemarketers. Excellent quality so far, have been using for 2 months now with no issue. WooHoo!

  • from Niagara Falls Ontario
  • Nov 04, 2014

Ooma Telo Voip

Best Voip Phone I ever owned. paid for itself in two months of long distance. Setup took only 10 minutes,clarity 90% of land line but,still rates 5 stars. Very pleased!

  • from Kitchener, ON
  • Nov 03, 2014

Excellent Solution for Mobile Worker

I purchased my OOMA over a year ago this month. I wanted to give it at least a year before I made my decision on how to review this device. I have to say I am most impressed. The service has been outstanding and without any disruption. I use the device extensively as I work from home and needed a more reliable solution than the VoIP device my ISP was offering me. I didn't want to spend a fortune either and the monthly rate for basic service was perfectly affordable. I don't see why anyone would not invest the money on the device and simply plug it directly into your home phone network. It is super easy to setup and offers significantly more features than any other option out there. You can easily add distinctive ring and additional phone lines at a nominal cost for numerous additional users. I highly recommend it.

  • from Regina, SK
  • Oct 25, 2014

Good VOIP phone

Voice quality is almost good as landline. Should have it earlier.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jul 17, 2014

Excellent product

I am highly satisfied with this telephone system. Easy setup and very clear sound. Only thing I didnt't like about Ooma is the extra charges on number portability. This should be done free. In addition, pairing by Bluetooth adopter doesn't work for iphone5C. Ooma should prioritize these issues.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jun 29, 2014

Good By High Phone Fees

Moving to Ooma I cut my phone service fees by almost 1/4! It was very easy to setup and the options for configurations were great. Good riddance "Duct Cleaning" and "Travel" scam calls thanks to the Community and Personal Black lists that have worked out great for me. Quality of the calls have been in general surprisingly good. Not looking to porting my phone number but that is my battle not Ooma's.

  • from Puslinch, ON
  • Feb 18, 2014

No Negatives

I finally took the *no-more-bell* plunge and am very satisfied. I am saving so much money every month! I decided to upgrade to Ooma Premium to 1) keep/port my old number (can be a free thing when upgrading) and 2) to get unlimited long distance to the US and Canada. I call the States a fair bit. I've had Ooma for about 2 months and have only had one echo while talking once. I hate that echo and feared I might need to return Ooma, but I reset my modem-thing and it's been great since. During the ice-storm here in December our hydro was out for several days and Ooma needs hydro to work but there's a setting that sends all calls to the cell phone(or any number you choose) when hydro is out. It was fantastic! We live out in the country and don't have regular internet, we use a bell mobility turbo hub for internet...and it works great with the Ooma. I love this product and service.

  • from Pierrefonds, QC
  • Feb 15, 2014

Excellent product and service

Just bought this product and got it setted up. Best product, plans and customer service. So far satisfied.

  • from Ottawa, ON
  • Feb 07, 2014

Great Purchase

I have no doubt this device will pay for itself in about 3 months. At the rate I was shelling out money to Rogers for their overpriced Home Phone service, it would take Ooma more than 3 years to cost as much (minus the initial fee of course). Everything has gone quite smoothly. I highly recommend this device.

  • from Ingersoll, ON
  • Feb 06, 2014

ooma phone

awseome product, works great with no issues

  • from London, ON
  • Jan 31, 2014

"Great System"

bought Ooma Telo in early January set up in 15-20 minutes after 2 weeks of use we found excellent sound and voice quality requested our Bell # be ported,port was completed in 17 days we have Bell DSL internet but never had to contact Bell Bell set up a "dry loop" and we never lost a second on internet down side: [price] plus tax and $40 to port # from service up side:we opted for basic service $3.95 inclusive per month free Canada wide calling and lots of other features I would highly recommend the product

  • from Grande Prairie, AB
  • Jan 23, 2014


So far we love our Ooma. Easy to set up and use. Sound quality is great for VoIP.

  • from Saskatoon, SK
  • Jan 22, 2014

Remarkable device

This is an awesome device...crisp clear voice clarity with no background noises during weather interferences

  • from Kinistino, SK
  • Dec 31, 2013

Ooooo how we love our Ooma!

We've had our Ooma for 2 months now and we LOVE it. Definitely saves money, easy to set up, excellent call quality and great extras for no extra charge each month, like 911, call waiting, call forward etc. We live in a rural farming area that has poor telephone service (line crackles when it rains etc.) We tell everyone about Ooma. Personally I wouldn't go back to a traditional phone line. Only downside was not being able to have a local number but the area we live in has a small local area and most people pay long distance charges. Otherwise there is the option of bringing your number with you if you have a landline nmber you wish to keep.

  • from Montréal, QC
  • Dec 18, 2013

No Complaints

I Bought the item on sale on Black Friday. Installation is pretty quick (Physical install plus some web configuration). I Installed the Ooma behind my router (From what I'm told they recommend it to be in front of the router to ensure better call quality) and call quality is very good. I have had zero issues with lag, echo, or anything else that is normally a problem when using VOIP. They give you a free trial of the Ooma Premier service which has a lot of bells and whistles. Bluetooth adapter pairs well with my cell phone, so I can receive cell phone calls on my home phone which is nice. Overall I'm very satisfied thus far.

  • from London, ON
  • Dec 17, 2013

Best VoIP by far, fantastic customer support

I have used several other VoIP systems before, both PC and standalone based. This was a little more money up front for the hardware but the voice quality and features are hands down a cut above the rest. I won't recommend any other product. This is the one you want. My uplink is over 3G cellular router and I have had no issues with voice quality, it is the real deal. Highly recommend.

  • from Mississauga, ON
  • Oct 08, 2013

Win, Win with this product

Have had it connected for 2 months now. Had it registered and up and running in 15 minutes. Used the assigned number for about a week then went with the Premium package to get the included porting option. The porting took about 2 weeks (less time than I thought). They send you an email confirming the port is in process and than a final one to say its good to go. I waited 1 more business day to cancel my previous provider, which was for the same voip service. The features that come with the premium service are great and would highly recommend getting. I love the instant email sent out with an attached voicemail. My only issue is the Bluetooth adaptor. I have 3 fairly new phones (LG Optimus G, Note 2, and S 2, and none of them work with Bluetooth.

  • from Scarborough, ON
  • Sep 13, 2013

Fantastic Product

Bought this about 1.5 months ago thinking I would do the 30 day trial. Ooma works great. I use it for conference calls, calling 1-800's without an issue. I am very happy with the purchase and have cancelled my home phone. Nobody called me at home except for telemarketers. For approx. [price] you cant go wrong.

  • from Hamilton, ON
  • Aug 05, 2013

Great Product/Service

I have had this for just under a month. It is excellent. It was extremely easy to set up - was done in about 15 minutes (with interruptions). Sound and call quality is excellent. Definitely getting rid of the landline monopoly company. All my needs are met with the basic service at a fraction of what I was paying with the big phone company. I definitely would recommend this product and service.

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • Jul 05, 2013

Excellent plug and play VOIP and cheap alternative

Easy set up, almost as good voice quality as Shaw home phone but this is only $4 per month for basic with voice mail! Way better than old magic jack (sucked). My only complaint is the useless Bluetooth adaptor because you have to upgrade to Premier plan to enable this feature! [...]

  • from St-Jean, QC
  • Jun 01, 2013

Excellent move

Because of a new cellphone plan, I didn't need my landline as much. I was looking for a way to keep my landline number and phone at a reduced cost and found Ooma. Ooma surpassed my expectations! It was easy to install and has all the features of a high-end phone plan. The sound quality is excellent. I can even link my cellphone by Bluetooth to my Ooma and have it ring on my home phone automatically whenever I'm in the house. It automatically disconnects from Ooma when I leave. After only a few days I decided to port my number. I was informed it could take 3-4 weeks, but it took just one in my case. I'm very happy with my decision. Just be sure you have a high-speed or better internet plan to ensure a high-quality experience.

  • from Montréal, QC
  • Mar 08, 2013

I am in love with my Ooma Telo!

This is the best voip phone ever . I have tried aaaaalllll the other ones, and this one is my favorite. No more usb key plugged in the computer or choppy phone conversation. In Montreal, OMG, I could not beleive it. You can customise everything. I got the premium service for a year, because it made more sense moneywise, because I transfered my home phone number. The premium package gives me unlimitted calls to Canada and US. Can't beat that. Hassle free and the online support is amazing. I do recommend it to everybody. Love it!

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Feb 22, 2013

Amazing Product

Purchased the Ooma Telo recently and absolutely love it. Call quality is great - at least as good if not better than the landline I was using. So many features as well, even with the free basic package. You can track all your calls online and the unit is incredibly easy to set up. You can split the phone line out and run to multiple devices including fax. And there's also free long distance calling across Canada. Everyone with any kind of high speed internet connection should ditch their land line and go to Ooma....

  • from Guelph, ON
  • Feb 20, 2013

Beyond expectation!

I was skeptical after trying magic jack plus a year ago. The Ooma rocks! I have called everyone I know to tell them! Call quality is amazing. I had my old number ported with premium service.I completely recommend this product. Try it yourself it's free to try it.....

  • from Kitchener, on
  • Feb 11, 2013

Great product

It took a bit of research to use this as a whole home replacement, but was actually able to disconnect my dmarc and connect the device to work with everything. The only challenge that I've had is the voice quality is too good and the background noise or shuffling of the phone is more obvious.

  • from Ottawa
  • Jan 20, 2013

Still seems too good to be true

This machine is something else. Easy to set up. Great customer service so far. Surprisingly good audio quality. There is a delay but it is VOIP so you need to expect that. Got it on sale, bought the year of premier (also on sale) plus 2 free months. Still waiting to experience any real negatives wrt this service. About to start saving every month and very happy.

  • from Langley, BC
  • Jan 11, 2013

Low Long Distance Quality & Problem with Alarm

3 long distance phone calls - can hear very well but they couldn't hear me. My alarm company warned that I won't have much success with their system. I will return the product unfortunately. Good customer service and easy setup.

  • from Waterloo, ON
  • Dec 04, 2012

Bluetooth not working with iPhone 5

The Ooma itself is great, however the big selling feature for me was the Bluetooth integration so I didn't have to carry my cell phone with me while at home. It works with an iPhone 4s but not with the new iPhone 5s. If and when they update their firmware, this is the way to go. Right now I am on hold.