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Philips Passive Indoor Antenna (SDV1125T)

  • Model #: SDV1125T
  • Web Code: 10171764
Customer Ratings
(46 ratings)
Philips Passive Indoor Antenna (SDV1125T)
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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating:4.0
(46 ratings)

Most recent customer reviews

good product

living around college park in downtown toronto. got this in bestbuy and set up was easy, after searching i have around 19 channel and most of them are  Read full review


I have had this antenna for a little over a week. I get 2 channels (CHCH HD, and CTS HD). I have no cable so I think this is an inexpensive wa  Read full review

Philips Passive Indoor Antenna (SDV1125T)

This easy to install Philips passive antenna has been designed to provide good reception of digital broadcasts, including over the air HDTV. VHF/FM dipoles allow for expanded reception, and a 12 position UHF/VHF fine tuning control lets you get the best reception for each frequency. Construction is environmentally friendly and PVC / BFR free.

Product Features
  • 12 adjustable VHF/UHF tuning positions
  • Enhance digital reception including HDTV signals
  • VHF/FM dipoles for expanded reception
  • Constructed PVC and BFR free

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