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PNY PowerPack 2600 mAh Portable Charger - Silver

  • Model #: P-B-2600-1-S01-RB
  • Web Code: 10275727
Customer Ratings
(4 ratings)


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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 3.8
(4 ratings)

Most recent customer reviews

Good, but not great

I got it when it's on sale for [price] after tax, and that's the price you should be paying for. Have a Nexus 5, doesn't  Read full review

Good charger, but I upgraded for more juice.

I bought this charger thinking it'd give my Galaxy S4 a full charge. When my phone was at 15% it brought it back up to 90% before being co  Read full review

PNY PowerPack 2600 mAh Portable Charger - Silver

Need to charge your mobile device on the go? The PNY 2600 PowerPack can do the job for you. This pocket-sized rechargeable battery can juice up your Android, Apple, Windows or BlackBerry smartphone when you've run out of power. When fully charged, the PowerPack can provide one full recharge to your smartphone.

Product Features
  • Charge your Apple, Android, Windows or BlackBerry device when you're on the go
  • A fully charged 2600 PowerPack can recharge most smartphones up to one time
  • 20" micro USB cable lets you charge the PowerPack as well as micro USB devices (Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices)
  • Use your own Apple charging cable (sold separately) to charge an Apple device
  • Recharge the PowerPack from any USB port
  • Digital display shows the numeric amount remaining on the PowerPack, showing how much power is left
  • Comes charged and ready for use

What's in the Box?

  • Power Pack
  • 20 Inch Micro USB Cable

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