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Protocol 24" Heli-Raider RC Helicopter (7858-3JNHR BI) - Blue

  • Model #: 7858-3JNHR BI
  • Web Code: 10203130
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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 2.4
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Won't Charge

Got this product over Christmas. Tested indoors, seemed to work. Now the weather is nice, got it out, plugged it in for hours and realized it was   Read full review


Purchased at Christmas, too cold to use outside until recently. Charging wires are messed up, doesn't charge, missing a plug inside the helicopter  Read full review

Protocol 24" Heli-Raider RC Helicopter (7858-3JNHR BI) - Blue

Protocol's Heli-Raider with Gyro RC Helicopter blasts through the height and control limits that normally come with remote controlled flight. The Heli-Raider's gyro action provides precision flight and stability in turns thanks to its wide wingspan. Bright flashing LED lights and sleek, aerodynamic design elements complete the stellar package.

Product Features
  • Gyro stabilizer for precise flight
  • You can hover, move up and down, right and left, and forward and backward for realistic flight
  • Bright, flashing, multi-coloured LED lights
  • Flight range of 30 to 50 metres

What's in the Box?

  • 2 Spare Propellers
  • Antenna
  • Remote
  • AC Charger
  • Helicopter

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