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Final Clearance Protocol Cyrone Video 3.5 Channel Helicopter (6182-9F BI) - Blue

  • Model #: 6182-9F BI
  • Web Code: 10183246
(11 ratings)


With an omni-directional 3.5 channel remote control and gyroscopic stabilizer, the Protocol Cyrone Video Helicopter provides pinpoint accuracy and responsiveness for precise flight. It also features flashing multi-coloured LED lights for a completely authentic experience.

More Information

  • Gyroscopic stabilizer for precise omni-directional flight
  • Realistic flight with hover, up/down, left/right, and forward/backward functions
  • Bright, flashing multi-colored LED lights run along the side

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 90 Day(s)
  • Labour - 90 Day(s)



Customer Reviews

3.4 / 5
Based on 11 ratings,10 Reviews
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  • from US
  • Feb 25, 2013

Good copter to keep on stand

My copter get the landing gear broken on the first landing, It was not a colision... I is just too fragil. It is plastic. For the size of the copter it should be metal. I called ProtocolNY asking for a spare part and they just said that I have to pay for a new landing... I do not want to pay each time I land this copter. It flies nicely, it is really stable, the video quality is good, but unfortunatelly who ever design the landing gear was just thinking in sale spare parts! It is easier to return the unit to the store...

  • from Durham Region
  • Feb 17, 2013

Fun little copter

I got this copter as a gift. Out of the box my kid was holding the landing gear pretending it was flying and the landing gear snapped. The store would not take it back, I couldn't find parts online, so I wrote Protocol about my issue. I followed up with a phone call and they sent me new landing gear plus an extra one for the one that was easily broken. Since then I have flown it inside and outside. Indoors I set the trim and it flies great. Doing that helped when outdoors in light to no wind. If there is 10km winds or any gusts there is a good chance you will lose control. Overall it's a great indoor/outdoor copter. It is fragile, but if you take your time learning it, it's easy to fly. Video is good quality too.

  • from Whitby, On
  • Feb 10, 2013


Bought this on boxking day sale, would not buy again even for that price... Too big to fly indoors, too small to fly outdoors if ANY wind. The landing gear WILL break within first hour of play since they are plastic (not sure what they were thinking when smaller copters all have metal frames). Video is pretty good quality. Stability with mine is an issue, tends to just corkscrew even if I try to trim it.

  • from Leduc, AB
  • Jan 06, 2013

Good product

The original cost was high but on sale this is a very good product. It's a bit larger than a lot of indoor helicopters and has a lot more power - you need a large room with few obstacles to fly this indoors. Haven't tried it outside yet but it would probably work if there was no wind at all. It is easier to control than the ToughCopter or larger ones - they really need to be used outside only - which isn't much of the year in Canada (has to be above 10 C). I've had it about a week and haven't broken anything yet - it's had several crashes but everything is intact. The main rotors are always the first to go (i have a couple of others as well). The video is surprisingly good - no audio and the lens is slow so you can't spin around and expect to see much more than blur but it does work well - stores everything on an included 1 GB micro SD card and it comes with a USB micro SD card reader soo you can easily read it on any computer. It should be enough for 20 minutes of video. There's a button on the remote to turn the camera on and off - and a light on the bottom of the helicopter to show if it's in record mode or not. You can turn the main spotlight on and off from the remote - the camera will turn it on automatically if it's dark and you press Record - important to know because you think you've turned the camera on but it just turned the light on - you have to press the Record button a second time to get it to start. There is also a speed control button on the remote but I can't see that it's doing anything yet. It takes almost an hour to charge and lasts about 7 or 8 minutes on a charge. It won't shut the charger off so you have to unplug it when it's done charging or you'll burn out the battery. Overall, this is a good model. Parts are available, [...but costly]. Parts remain the biggest issue for these helicopters...

  • from Montreal
  • May 09, 2012

Cool but breaks super easy

Used this toy for 1 day, then just like the other people here said - it broke. It is very easy to break in several places - landing gear, main rotor blades, rear rotor. Landing gear is garbage on this one since it's made out of plastic, and although there were 4 little soft cushions that you can add onto the sleds, it still broke. Main rotor blades mainly break because they already have a very small hole in each blade at the point where it is fixed to the rotor itself - this drilled hole makes it super easy to snap the blade off. Finally, the rear rotor just sticks out and therefore you can easily damage it (there is 1 replacement included). I would recommend getting a smaller Falcon heli also made by Protocol - it has metal landing gear, extra blades (4) and the blades are solid with no holes in them, therefore harder to break. And finally a smaller helicopter has less chance of breaking due to its small weight. P.S.: camera is great and takes very good video.

  • from Montreal
  • Apr 23, 2012

Fun but good luck finding parts

I ve had this for about 2 months now - I owned a couple RC copters prior to this one so I am an experieinced user but even experieinced users have accidents. The problem with this is the weak plastic landing gear that snapped right off from a 3 foot fall - unclear why they did not make this part our of metal like the body, I've never used so much crazy glue ProtocolNY really needs to invest in customer service, I ve been waiting for a response from them for my other copter since Christmas - poor customer service, unclear why they do not carry spare parts at Best Buy - doesn't appear there is a lack of demand based on the other comments I ve seen. They do not have spare parts for this particular model though so another con to consider before purchasing but it does make great video

  • from Penticton Bc
  • Feb 15, 2012

spare parts

i found it's a great helicopter to fly loads of fun, and takes great video, the only down side is that it is hard to find parts for it.

  • from Penticton British Columbia
  • Jan 18, 2012

Easy To Fly

great little helicopter, easy to fly, takes great video from the little video camera onboard, easy to control, nice speed to it, great response from controller, only downfall is the plastic landing gear, if you come down to hard, it will break easy, i happened to re-manufacture something of my own to fix that problem, and i am finding it hard to find parts for it, they keep saying go to the parts store online, but there is nothing there for this helicopter.i keep getting the run-around.

  • from Toronto
  • Jan 14, 2012

Parts Not Available

This heli is very good easy to handle, however the landing gear will break easily and the parts are not available even from the manufacturer.

  • from Surrey
  • Jan 01, 2012


Best helicopter I ever had. Very easy to fly after you get the hang of it. Totally worth it.