RCA Digital Amplified TV Antenna (CANT1450B)

  • Model #: CANT1450B
  • Web Code: 10126064


The RCA CANT1450B Amplified flat UHF/VHF HDTV/TV antenna renders "rabbit ears" of the past obselete. A patented multi-directional reception design eliminates the need for constant adjustments, while its lightweight and compact footprint can be laid flat, set upright, or wall mounted.

More Information

Just find a location with a strong signal to place it after connecting to your TV and you're ready to enjoy free local programming. The included amplifier can improve weak signals using extremely low noise circuitry, or it can be removed if not needed. Local over-air digital and HDTV broadcasts will be uncompressed, so you can receive a better quality signal than provided by satellite or cable companies. In some cases, you'll receive channels not available through those service providers as well.
  • Terrestrial (over-air) HDTV Ready
  • Signal Reception Types: UHF & VHF for HDTV, DTV, & TV
  • Operational VHF bandwidth: 54 - 88 & 174 - 216 MHz
  • Operational UHF bandwidth: 470 - 806 MHz
  • 6 ft. RG6 coaxial cable built-in
  • Output impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Paintable housing
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Dimensions: 21.1(W) x 23.5(H) x 1.5(D) cm
  • Weight: 0.49 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Amplifier Gain: 10 - 12 dB average (optimal for Digital/HD signal reception)
  • Mounting accessories supplied: 2 screws for wall-mounting & removable stand for setting upright
  • Power requirement: DC 12V/100mA for removable amplifier (AC adapter included)
  • Range of under 25 kilometres

What's in the Box?

  • Antenna
  • Removable Amplifier
  • Coax Cable
  • Metal Easel Stand
  • Manual

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 3 Year(s)
  • Application
    TV Antenna
  • TV Antenna Type - Amplified
  • TV Antenna Type - Multi-directional
  • TV Antenna Type - Indoor
  • TV Antenna Type - Outdoor
  • TV Antenna Max. Range
    25 km
  • Supported Reception
  • HDTV
  • Digital
  • UHF
  • FM/AM
  • What's in the Box
  • Warranty Parts
    3 Year(s)



Customer Reviews

3.4 / 5
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Positive vs. Critical Reviews

Positive 68%

32 Reviews

Critical 31%

15 Reviews

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  • from Toronto, ON

Didn't work in Downtown Toronto

While others in downtown Toronto seem to be having success, I have a western facing exposure (away from the CN Tower), and unfortunately I could not get one single channel. I had to return the product. Disappointing.

  • from North York, ON

lie flat on belcony inside a plastic bag

I live on the fifth floor of a condo facing due north at Yonge and Sheppard. i receive over 27 channels all 4 America networks, cbc ,global, and ctv.tvo pbs the trick is to put flat inside a bag on west side of balcony and set TV to antenna not cable and run a channel scan about 4 times.if it gets less move about the balcony. if sports aren't your thing it will make cable unnecessary

  • from Guelph


I bought two last week while on sale. Doesn't matter what TV I hook it up to or where in the house it is, this thing gets absolutely ZERO channels. Up high and in front of the window... zip. Nothing. No channels from this thing in Guelph. Returning them tomorrow. I should bill RCA for wasting my time and gas.

  • from Vancouver, BC

Not what I expected.

For the money the return did not equal what I was looking for . I got 6 channels at first, then relocated antenna and managed 8 channels of which 2 were in a different language.

  • from Nanaimo

Antenna location is everything

Not a great indoor antenna, unless it's located in a high point in the house. After giving this product a failing grade, I tried it in the attic and boom! All 11 digital channels available in north Nanaimo now come in crystal clear, with no drop-outs or interference. I have wired it into the existing house cable (we canceled our Shaw cable subscription), and now have high definition, off-air TV available on every set in the house. Impressive for such a puny device.

  • from Calgary, AB

Very promissing

I just bought this antenna, hoping it would work fine from behind the wall-mounted TV. And it does. It's practically 100% hidden, no wires or anything else to make you suspect it is there (the power plug is also hidden behind my TV, that helps). The setup is extremely simple: power the unit, plug it into the back of your TV and search for the channels using the TV menu. I live in Calgary SE (Auburn Bay) and I get 6 HD channels (Global, CTV, CityTV, CBC, Yes TV and OMNI). All of them in good quality.

  • from Richmond Hill, ON

Great buy.

Got over 10 channels incl CBC, PBS and TVO. Very happy with my buy.

  • from victoria b.c.

works as expected

works good facing south in Victoria B.C.

  • from Toronto, ON

Wonderful product!

Easy to install and fun to see how many channels you get. I receive 9. I am very happy. Quality is great. It is located on the main floor of the house in a room that faces north. If I walk in front of the antenna reception comes and goes But I am blocking the signal☺ I recommend this product!

  • from Ottawa, ON

It is a good product

The digital channels were crystal clear. It was able to pick up 10 channels from Ottawa. And there is no need to adjust it. I am happy to have it.

  • from Toronto, ON

Best reception

I ordered many many many different antennas to try and this is the only one that picked up 4 digital channels and 1 analog channel. I live by Yonge and Sheppard on a low floor between a few tall buildings. The analog channel was awful as I live on a low floor. The digital channels were crystal clear. I received Global x 2, a Christian channel, and a french channel. I couldn't make out the analog channel. It was as clear as a snow storm.

  • from Pierrefonds, QC

nice product...but...

wasn't able to get more than 3 channels..i wasn't disapointed though...will return it to bestbuy, maybe if i was living on the 10th or 11th floor then ill be able to get more

  • from Guelph, ON

Did not work for us

We live in a detached house in the south end of Guelph. Scanned with and without the amplifier and could not get a single channel from our main floor living room. BestBuy employees to be fair flat out told us "they don't work" but online reviews lead us to be hopeful anyway....going to see if (competitor) can offer a higher model (or more information about it's effectiveness).

  • from Trenton, ON

Not for me

Easy to install and instructions are clear and understandable. Tried different settings, positions... Result, just one channel (CTV). Maybe a good product in a different city, but where I'm living, not good at all.

  • from Ottawa, ON

Didn't work for me

For any antenna, depends where you live, this one didn't work for me. The cord was too short so not enough movement. We ended up with a much cheaper antenna that was more effective because the cord was longer, so we could put it up higher. Disappointed, at this price point I was hoping for more!

  • from Calgary, AB

Set up help

Can someone please tell me how to set it up?? I have it all connected but can't get any reception.....

  • from Toronto, ON

Twenty Three Channels

Living on a very high floor downtown Toronto where I have a direct view of the CN Tower, I thought that I would get great reception with any antenna. I tried another brand and only got 4 channels but with this receiver in the same location I got TWENTY THREE Channels!

  • from Toronto, ON

Works really well !!

I live on the 11th floor of a high rise building facing west, away from CN Tower, but a couple of kms from Lakeshore. I was initially doubtful if I would receive any channels at all. I connected the antenna and amplifier to my TV and, to my disappointment, got only 4 channels, one of which was CBC French. Then, I added some extra coaxial cable so I could keep the antenna on the balcony. When I re-scanned my TV, it found 26 channels!! I got CBC News, Global News, CTV, Bounce, Escape, Omni, Laff, a few Buffalo channels and many more. The HD quality is amazing, something you would never get using cable. My only concern is if it rains, is the antenna waterproof?

  • from Toronto, ON

RCA Digital Amplified TV Antenna (CANT1450B)

Will not work on most Sony Bravias. I bought it for a 2006/2007-Model: KLV 40 S 200A. Sony did NOT include built in digital tuners, although a lot of OLDER, other brand TV's included built-in digital tuners. I was told by sales rep at Best Buy store this antenna would be fine to work and clearly it isn't the case. Bottom line, you need to buy a a digital conversion box first in order to plug an antennae into.

  • from Rutherford, Edmonton AB


All 7 HD channels!

  • from Edmonton

it actually works!

I read the review here and then went to Best Buy and bought one for 66 with tax. I couldn't wait to finish work and asked the manager for early leave. The hook up was easy. I sat the thing on my sub woofer pointing to the NE as I live in the Rutherford area. I scanned a couple of times and got five channels. Then I tried to turn the antenna to face southeast direction and I scanned again and i got all 7 channels. All HD. Thanks for the positive reviews to help me make a good choice.

  • from Airdrie, AB

Pretty Good

I can get 4 - 5 channels where I am. I get Global, CBC, Omni and City TV. If I move it right I can also get CTV most times. This is outside Calgary so I was not expecting much but over all I am happy

  • from Calgary, AB

Good antenna

I bought this antenna because I just disconnect my cable TV 2 days ago. The connection is simple. On my tv setting, auto program, it takes less than 10 minutes and I got 6 HD channals. CBC, OMNI, CITYTV, GLOBAL, CTV, CTS. The best thing I can watch news and world cup in HD1080 clear quality pictures.

  • from Toronto, ON

Great buy!

I bought this yesterday and I am very happy. I live on the second floor of a condo building and this gives me 19 free channels! I only picked up 7 without the amplifier, so make sure you test with and without the amplifier in your home. Very happy to be receiving local and US channels.

  • from Darmouth NS


Last night I purchased this product thinking that it might not work. I live in Highfield Park close to the Tim Horton's and I live on the east side of an apartment building on the top floor. I have the device facing south, high on the living room wall. I first tried the device without the amplifier and I was only able to pick up CBC. I put the amplifier and I was able to pick up all three HD stations. CTV, Global, and CBC. The pictures is crystal clear. From time to time it does pixelate when the signal isn't strong enough, but 90 percent of the time it's flawless. When I was doing research on OTA in Halifax I didn't find a lot of info on this. I hope this helps people researching this product.

  • from Montréal, QC

Good antenna if you are in the right spot

I'm getting all 9 TV stations broadcasting from Mont Royal. A friend has it as well, but he only gets 6 stations. Like with any other antenna, your apartment/house location is everything.

  • from Montreal,Qc


While this is a great idea and was easy to install, but it didn't work for me. I couldn't get all the local channels. Maybe it works better if you're on the second floor or higher.

  • from victoria

RCA digital antenna

From the 4th floor facing west I got only one station (omni) consistently. Not the antennas fault, but multidirectional not so helpful if a signal is not available.

  • from Toronto West

not much help

I live on a west-facing 9th floor condo at Lake Shore and the Humber River. With this antenna I could pick up three signals but only one was good enough to watch. I made a loop out of a coat hanger and it picked up the same three channels; although the signals were even weaker.

  • from scarough ont

excellent antenna

I have brough this antenna for my mother , she live a nursuing home. I went there and hook the antenna to a tv and scan the channel.It scan 10 channel like golbel, cbc, tvo,ctv,citytv,omni1,omni2 and some other channel.It was great to see my mother happy. Now she watch tv without paying any fee for cabel company . thank best buy for selling good antenna

  • from scarbough ont



  • from Winnipeg

Myth of a digital antenna

I bought this because I was tricked into thinking that a 'digital antenna' was a real thing. Turns out my old set of unpowered rabbit ears does exactly the same job. I'm bringing this back.

  • from Ottawa

Very Poor Product

With a plain set of rabbit ears I receive 12 channels and with the RCA Digital Amplified TV Antenna I was only able to receive 6 channels. I am returning it tomorrow.

  • from Ottawa

Exceptional product

I can receive 6 digital channels - CBC E/F, Omni 1/2, CityTV, & Sun TV.

  • from toronto


This is great if you live in an apartment building that's pretty high up. It gets the stations in clear and for free! You just have to make sure you find a good area to put it for reception.

  • from Scarborough

Great antenna once you find the right location

I placed this antenna right beside the window in a condo vertically. I was able to receive 11 HD channels and all were perfectly clear. However, placing in flat next to the TV yielded no channels. Location is really important especially if you live in a building. This antenna will pay for itself in less than 2 months of cable fees.

  • from Port Credit (Mississauga South) Ontario

So Glad I bought this Antenna!

I bought an old house without cable or an outside antennae, and do not subscribe to cable/satellite tv. (It is way too expensive & who needs 100 channels?) I was using an old pair of rabbit ears on a new Sony Bravia and could get CBC, CTV, Hamilton, Global & City TV in HD... but not consistently, and not without having to move the rabbit ears around in different positions depending on which channel I wanted to watch. Now I get all of these channels ALL THE TIME! Plus, I get the Buffalo stations! Channel 7 (I think that's ABC) is crystal clear in HDTV!!!!! Just wish I had bought this antenna sooner! I am using the optional Amplifier and I did find that you need to read the fine print on the instructions as you do need to lay it flat, up high, and away from metal objects to get the best pic. Finally, I do have one criticism... it is advertised as paintable... I can't see how painting this black antenna box would make it more attractive as you'd still see the black wires and little black amplifier box... and since you have to lay it flat, and keep put it someplace high, it'd be pretty hard to camoflage it.

  • from Carleton Place, On

RCA Digital Flat Amplified Antenna

I'm located about 40 kms south west of Ottawa. This antenna was only able to receive clearly the CBC HD English French digital channels on a Sharp HD TV.Analog channels scanned were fuzzy and distorted.I will be returning this unit.I will try this unit again once all Canadian channels go to digital signals.

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