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RCA Digital Flat TV Antenna (CANT1400)

  • Model #: CANT1400
  • Web Code: 10126062
(37 ratings)


The RCA CANT1400 digital flat UHF/VHF HDTV/TV antenna renders "rabbit ears" of the past obselete. A patented multi-directional reception design eliminates the need for constant adjustments, while its lightweight and compact footprint can be laid flat, set upright, or wall mounted.

More Information

Just find a location with a strong signal to place it after connecting to your TV and you're ready to enjoy free local programming. Local over-air digital and HDTV broadcasts will be uncompressed, so you can receive a better quality signal than provided by satellite or cable companies. In some cases, you'll receive channels not available through those service providers as well. Since the CANT1400 is paintable, you can colour it to match any setting. Wall mounting brackets & screws 6 ft RG6 coaxial cable are built-in. It also comes with 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty.
  • Terrestrial (over-air) HDTV Ready
  • Signal Reception Types: UHF & VHF for HDTV, DTV, & TV
  • Operational VHF Bandwidth: 54 - 88 & 174 - 216 MHz
  • Operational UHF Bandwidth: 470 - 806 MHz
  • 6ft RG6 Coaxial Cable Built-In
  • Output Impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Paintable Housing
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Limited
  • Dimensions: 21.1(W) x 23.5(H) x 1.5(D) cm
  • Weight: 0.49 kg
  • Colour: White
  • Range of under 25 kilometres

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 3 Year(s)
  • TV Antenna Type - Indoor
  • TV Antenna Max. Range
    25 km
  • Warranty Parts
    3 Year(s)



Customer Reviews

2.8 / 5
Based on 37 ratings,24 Reviews
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  • from Abbotsford, BC
  • 3 days ago

Research Your Area

I bought this for a second TV in a bedroom. I found reception to be best when placed by a window. During the day I received 3 channels, but 2 must power their transmitters down at night. In the evening I could only receive one. All came in clear. 2 were good quality high definition pictures. Too many factors come into play to fairly rate this antenna. Does what it is intended to do. Can lay flat or be wall mounted. Even paint-able if you wish to camouflage it. Directly connected to TV via coax cable. Set your TV to scan for channels and start watching. Would be best if you are in a city, closer to the transmitter towers and limited obstructions.

  • from Toronto, Ontario
  • Sep 16, 2015

From 12 channels to 16!

Any complaints about this antenna are misdirected since they don't distinguish between how poor an area's reception is in general, no matter what antenna is used, and how much this particular antenna improves the situation. The fact that someone still gets no stations after hooking up this (or any other) antenna doesn't necessarily mean it didn't improve the signal - it could simply mean the reception in the area in question is so bad in general that the improvement wasn't enough to produce any viewable channels! To be fair, compare this antenna with whatever it is you're currently using (eg. rabbit ears or FM wire antenna), ensuring that both are in the best spot - beside a window being good. In my case (near Yonge & 401 in Toronto), I got around 12 channels with an FM wire antenna before, and now, with this RCA antenna, I get around 16 (comparing the two, as I suggested, with both beside a window)! And don't only judge by how many more channels you get, but by how much better the worst channels are afterwards (which is also a good way to fine tune the positioning of whatever antenna you end up using).

  • from Stony Plain, AB
  • May 28, 2015

Should Be No Stars

Live outside of Edmonton and could only pick up 1 station. Kept losing signal and only a partial picture came in. May work good if really close to the station however anything over 15 miles, forget it.

  • from London, ON
  • Mar 26, 2015

Good product - just didn't work for me

I tried hooking this up in my house in London, ON. I only got three channels but this is likely because of where I live - not a flaw in the product. I will say the 3 channels that came in looked amazing. (I received channels, CTV, Yes TV, & Omni 2)

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jan 24, 2015

This works as I expected.

I live in downtown toronto in a condo. I'm able to get 9 channels, ~5 are HD quality, some channels like TVO disappear at night though. I'm able to get Global, CityTV, CBC, CTV, TVO, CFMT (Omni i think), a french channel, and a couple others. Overall I'm really happy with it.

  • from Toronto
  • Jan 08, 2015

This is great

Great product. Super glued this to my hard hat and hooked it to my wide screen. I get most channels sitting about five feet from the TV. Tilt or turn head slightly to fine tune channels. Always a clear picture and my neck muscles get some exercise.

  • from Dartmouth, NS
  • Jan 02, 2015

Doesn't Work

I gained no additional channels using this product. I'm In Dartmouth, NS. Don't bother. You're better off saving for an external antenna or a powered one.

  • from Dartmouth, NS
  • Dec 31, 2014

Here's a free way to enjoy free tv

Don't waste your time on this! While visiting my mother, I tried this for her to alleviate the costly Eastlink Cable. Simply take a coaxial cable, screw it into the back of the tv and touch it to metal. Don't let the collar touch metal, just the prong, and voila! I tried this setup in Dartmouth and it picked up 4 channels. I went and bought this RCA Antenna because of it's "amplified" production. It's worst than the coaxial touching metal as far as clarity but it did pick up the same 4 channels. Don't waste your money on this!

  • from Richmond Hill
  • Nov 16, 2014

Works well in basement apartment

I installed the antenna on my wall very close to bedroom window and was able to get 7-8 channels. When I had it sitting flat underneath my TV it only picked up 2 channels. I'm impressed how well it works considering I live in a basement apartment.

  • from Calgary, AB
  • Dec 29, 2013

not bad

Being in Calgary we don't get anything from the United States of America, we do get cbc, cfcn, city and omni, no global but we have hooked it up in the darkest corner of the basement so that could probably be solved. It's enough tv for us and it's free. The picture is great and works way better than the antenna we got from the discount store. Gave it a 4 because I have no idea how it would work closer to the border, which is probably important to most people.

  • from Oakville, ON
  • Aug 11, 2013

Good Value

Installed this antenna in my attic and was able to receive 17HD channels from both the U.S. and Canada. Cheaper solution than cable. Pair this up with appleTV and you have a great selection for much less.

  • from Hamilton, ON
  • Dec 22, 2012

Great for stereo receiver

My stereo received absolutly no FM channels. Hooked this up and everything is crystal clear.

  • from Delta BC
  • Nov 27, 2012

Glad I Bought This

Works pretty well. I have it in front of a North facing window and it gets about 12 channels. Global usually has a choppy picture but I don't watch that channel anyways so it's ok. Sometimes I have to move the antenna to get a good picture but for the most part I'm happy with this purchase. It's a good deal for someone who doesn't watch too much tv. It's small and doesn't stick out.

  • from Toronto
  • Apr 17, 2012


I'm a single working girl that can't afford to pay regular cable on top of all other bills but this antenna has saved me so much! Best part is it's sleek look; it blends into my wall!

  • from Mississauga, ONtario
  • Mar 08, 2012

Great Product

I have had this antenna for over a year and it works well. I get about 17 HD channels from this one. i would recommend this antenna to all highrise dwellers like myself.

  • from Mississauga
  • Mar 08, 2012

Great Reception

I have had this antenna for over a year and it works fine. I get about 17 HD quality channels from this one. The reception also depends on where one lives. I live in a high rise building and having this antenna works for me. I would surely recommend this to all high rise dwellers like myself.

  • from London
  • Oct 15, 2011

Pretty good

So remembering that this device is roughly half the price of my old cable bill I would say that this works fine. I don't live near a boarder or in Toronto so I was skeptical. First I confirmed that my TV has a digital tuner built in (an absolute must or you can purchase a digital tuner box). I picked this up and plugged it in to my TV and placed the antenna in a window. In ten minutes (most of it was the TV scanning channels) and got 9 perfectly clear channels. Very happy with this purchase.

  • from Vancouver BC
  • Oct 10, 2011

Definitely stick with rabbit ears

This antenna is more finicky than the rabbit ear style, and I only pick up 2 channels (on clear days). With my older set of rabbit ears I received 6 channels. It looks sleek, but don't let looks deceive you. Stick with the old-school style!

  • from downtown vancouver
  • Sep 02, 2011

6 HD channels-- clearer than my HD box from shaw

great value for price but also lucky enough to have the tv along side our bedroom which is facing mt seymour.. unfortunately no reception in our living room tv... which is about about 12 meters away..

  • from mississauga
  • Apr 08, 2011

nothing but junk

i bought this hoping it would pick up a decent amount of channels. it only picked up 4 digital channels from toronto. what a joke, my 20 year old rabbit ear antenna pulled in 3 times this many. stay away form this, pure garbage

  • from Windsor
  • Jun 16, 2010


I'm in total agreement with the two reviewers. Worked for a couple of months, only received the us main channels (2,4,7 & 62) Channel 9 came in clear . Spent nearly $60 for what?

  • from montreal
  • Jun 11, 2010

not worth the price

the only channel I got clear was tele-quebec the rest of channels were all blured and un-watchable. I odn;t recommnend this antenna + it is expensive.

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • Jan 03, 2010

Worse than cheapo rabbit ears

We have some very old cheap simple rabbit ears, but bought this in hopes of something a little more 'elegant', and perhaps a little less fiddling. However, it was more finicky for the digital HD stations, and the analog stations were very fuzzy. This was surprising considering the longer cord on this version, and the fact it is probably 20 years newer.I'm sticking with our existing rabbit ears.

  • from Windsor
  • Sep 18, 2009

Not a very good antenna

Bought this antenna and returned it the next day. It does get some channels, but it needs to be moved alot to get all the channels. I live in Windsor, ON and get all the US stations in digital and Canada's anaolg channel. With a set up rabbit ears laying flat on top of the cabinet got more channels than this one. I bought it to improve the anolog station reception. Not only were the Canadian channels worse for reception, I lost 3 detroit digital channels. Will stick with the rabbit ears. Can't beleive they work better.