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Rocketfish 4-Port HDMI Switch (RF-G1185)

  • Model #: RF-G1185
  • Web Code: 10177861
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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 3.0
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Most recent customer reviews

Rocketfish failure.....

Just out of warranty..... remote has failed.....unit still working manually. When the unit fails, I will buy a competitors product.  Read full review

Please buy a different product

1st Day, Remote stopped working. Day 32 Unit stopped working. I wish I had taken it back before the 30 days were up. Rocketfish is normally q  Read full review

Rocketfish 4-Port HDMI Switch (RF-G1185)

Rocketfish 4-Port HDMI Switch Box allows you to expand to 4 HDMI inputs on your TV and make HDMI connection easier. Plug in your HDMI compatible audio and video devices into one switch. Connect your HDMI compatible DVD player, Blu-Ray player, game console, or cable box through a single HDMI input on your TV or receiver.

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