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Rogers Nextbox HD Terminal (4642HD) - Ontario Only

  • Model #: EXPLORER 4642HD
  • Web Code: 10155581
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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 2.5
(12 ratings)

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Rogers next box

I purchased it a month ago & twice I have had to unplug & reboot since then. When it works it does a good job, how ever since it appears to be  Read full review

Love it

Had a few glitches at the start, my fault. We love it we have had it for 4 mos and like what we have been able to record lots of storage, has saved us  Read full review

Rogers Nextbox HD Terminal (4642HD) - Ontario Only

Enjoy high definition television with the Cisco Explorer 4642HD cable box from Rogers. Combined with your HDTV, it can bring HD content to your living room while support for 5.1-channel surround sound ensures incredible audio from your compatible home theatre setup too. *Please Note: This is only available in Ontario.

Product Features
  • Brings stunning high-definition content to your HDTV
  • A USB 2.0 connection lets you get connected to your peripheral devices such as navigation controllers, network adapters, and memory media readers
  • Supports 5.1-channel surround sound audio including Dolby Digital and others
  • Interactive program guide
  • HDMI, component video, RCA, Ethernet and USB connectivity options
  • Includes universal remote

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