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Final Clearance Samsung 10.1" 16GB Galaxy Tab with Wi-Fi

  • Model #: GT-P7510UWDXAC
  • Web Code: 10173293
  • Release Date: 08/25/2011
(155 ratings)


With a larger touchscreen that's sharper than ever before, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is designed to give you the best possible experience on the go. It's surprisingly lightweight so it's easy to carry everywhere, so you can multitask, play games, organize your life, browse the web, read, listen to music, communicate, and so much more with incredible features.

More Information

  • Powered by the Android OS, you'll be able to multitask and enjoy a robust tablet experience without slowing down your productivity
  • At a mere 565g and 8.6mm slim, this lightweight companion won't weigh you down
  • The 10.1" touchscreen delivers a stunning HD view so photos, websites, movies, videos and text come through with incredible detail and rich graphics
  • Built-in speakers let you share your cinematic viewing experience with everyone nearby
  • Built-in Wi-Fi gives you the freedom to access any wireless network you can find and get connected to your online world
  • Adobe Flash player support lets you surf the web just as you would on your home computer
  • Live Panel lets you customize the home screen so you can easily access all of your content like email, images, sites and social networking feeds; it can even update data
  • Mini Apps help you to organize your life and access the features you use most such as calendars, world clock, calculator and more
  • A Readers Hub and Music Hub make it a cinch to use this Tab for accessing and reading eBooks, or managing all your favourite tunes
  • Social Hub makes it easy to organize your email, instant messages and social networking accounts so you're always in the know
  • The rear-facing cameras lets you snap shots and record HD video, while the front-facing camera lets you video chat with friends and family
  • Store your digital content on the 16GB internal memory

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)

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Customer Reviews

4.2 / 5
Based on 155 ratings,29 Reviews
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  • from london
  • Mar 21, 2012

Excellent tool and tablet

After finding so many important details in the Samsung tablet, I took the decision to buy it. Even better I decided to buy the usb adapter to connect an external hard drive or a memory stick and sometime when useful when you need to transfer pics or watch movies directrly from this sources. Also downloading applications that allow me to unzip and transfer this files bact to the usb devices. To play videos in flash or flv videos do it directly from external usb devices, same tablet or the internet. Books can be downloaded directly from websites in different formats and the Samsung Galaxy will ajusted for performance. This is my experience so far please with this purchase.

  • from grande prairie, AB
  • Mar 07, 2012

Love it

I was bantering between an ipad and this new samsung tablet. I have an iphone and like it, but don't want to pay more than I need to in order to get a good working tablet. The Apple following seems to be a little too cultish, and now that Google has an Android OS and market that is up to snuff, as well as Samsung outdoing the ipad in size and weight, I decided to try the Samsung out first. Have spent several hours using it and getting acquainted with Android OS and find it a touch easier to use and learn than the iTunes and Apple OS. This was a surprise, considering that Apple has all the hype on being way easier to use than its competitors. Bottom line is that I like it at least, if not more, than the Apple, and am sold on Samsung's amazing product.

  • from
  • Feb 18, 2012

Good but not perfect

I love my new galaxy tab 10.1.But if you are a person who uses apps a lot,I would recommend you to buy an iPad 2 because this uses android market so it doesn't have a lot of apps like the app store in the iPhone,iPad,iPod,or Mac.Also I reccomend you to buy the wifi and 4G one because you can't almost do anything with it like navigation.But overall I like the sound quality and the screen size and the graphic.Also if you are a business man who has to organize and create a lot of documents with Microsoft words and other things,I strongly suggest you this product.

  • from Waterloo
  • Feb 12, 2012

I bought it a couple of days after thinking hard about what to get... Samsung has done an excellent job on this machine as it perfectly delivers what I need... It's got a style, superior performance, good battery life and a lot more... get it and you won't regret it

  • from Calgary
  • Dec 28, 2011

Great Tablet

We have had this tablet for about 3 weeks and we are really impressed. We watch netflix, play games, read books and use it for social media sites. It's super fast, screen looks great and comes with headphones. I never thought we needed a tablet and it's really for my wife as I have my laptop to use. However I'm secretly jealous watching her have so much fun on it.

  • from montreal
  • Dec 26, 2011

love it

i love it. I can do everything on this tablet. I can wach movies on-line, flash games everything. Just love it :-)

  • from Calgary
  • Nov 28, 2011

Initially frustrating but perhaps not too shabby

A nice sleek responsive tablet with a big screen. It's especially nice as there is a Adobe Flash Reader app available for it, unlike Apple's iPad, and 75% of the top 100 websites use Flash. Unfortunately, the browser on the Galaxy Tab does not come from the factory properly configured to use the Adobe Flash Reader and was very frustrating to figure this out. FYI. you'll want to congfigure the browser settings such that plug-ins are always enabled. Also, don't expect the Samsung mail client to work with an IMAP type of Telus email account: Telus doesn't requirie authentication for outgoing mail but the Samsung mail client uses authentication... you won't get past account setup.

  • from Vancouver
  • Nov 24, 2011

Best Pad

I just can't see how people can even compare this product with any other android tablets out there. With exceeding –the-expectation computing power and clear picture, this is clear winner to me.

  • from vancouver
  • Nov 09, 2011

Galaxy 10.1

I just love it. Super alternative to those iPads.

  • from Montreal
  • Nov 05, 2011

Excellent product

The screen is better than any other tablet. Fast, light and better than the iPad.

  • from Woodbridge, ON
  • Nov 02, 2011

Beats every tablet out there

I did a lot of research before buying this tablet. I bought both the ipad and the Galaxy for one week but I returned the ipad. I can tell you that in terms of multitasking, ease of use, being able to handle different files, camera quality, browsing experience, video player, and the overall performance, it is superior to ipad. The only concern that I had was the slightly weaker app market for android compared to apple. I am sure it will be a matter of time that the android apps will be just as good or better. You will love this tablet! :)

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Oct 26, 2011

Great tablet, but definitely not perfect

Stylish, lighter than the iPad 2, lots of customization. Android Market is solid. Swype keyboard is fun and practical. Screen is great, much higher resolution than the iPad 2. Basically Tab 10.1 > iPad 2 in hardware. Issues: 1) the stock ROM is bloated, regularly freezes and lags. 2) the battery takes way too long to charge; 6 hours charging from 0 to 100%, and the USB/charging cable is too short to use while charging. 3) Kies syncing software is prone to random file and connection drops. 4) the screen border is too small, leading to accidental screen presses when holding it by its sides.

  • from Canada
  • Oct 19, 2011

galaxy tab

I am getting really disappointed with galaxy tab 10.1, in addition to crapy userinterface, ugly icons, it does not run flash very well and most of the times the browser crashes. The screen rotation sensor is too sensetive and when it should not, keeps rotating the screen with slight tilts.... Also the auto dimming makes the screen go dark and back in the middle of watching a video or typing emails... Overall not too impressed with honeycomb. I hope ICS solves some of these issues before i put my samsumg galaxy for sale and get an ipad!

  • from St johns
  • Oct 17, 2011


Notice how a lot of comments are comparing it to the iPad. As in it's got better this better that. Most on most tablets are the same, just go with what works. It's an ok tablet, will never run as smooth as the iPad 2 but still offers some feature the iPad doesn't. Overall it's ok. It's kind of the same as the other Android tabs, once you used one, you used them all. In the right hands the iPad is far better. Get a iPad 2, apple tv, and I work and there is nothing you won't be able to do with it including mirroring to the tv wirelessly. Do your research before buying.

  • from mississauga
  • Oct 13, 2011

Nice product

This's first android tablet for me,no any comparison with others like ipad etc, but really love it. been playing with it more than 3 weeks and no any tiny ieeues good to buy.

  • from Ottawa
  • Oct 12, 2011

Galaxy Tab 10.1 - almost there but falls short.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a nice form factor, is light and the Android operating system is miles ahead of the Apple closed OS in the iPad2. The Tegra 2 dual core chip provides spunky performance with no discernible lag. Make sure you upgrade to Android version 3.2 as Andoid has been busy updating its OS. The Galaxy suffers in two areas, price and expandability. The price is about $100 too much compared to other Android systems which are considered the front runners. Secondly, the system allows for no expandability should you find 16 gig or 32 gig insufficient which I suppose in time most people I know would so that is a major shortfall for what otherwise is a nice tablet. If Samsung can upgrade to incorporate the new Tegra 3 Quad core along with an expandable microSD slot then this would be the tablet to own. Until then it remains a nice offering but with limited.

  • from Vancouver
  • Oct 04, 2011

Head and shoulders above the rest

All Android tablet makers may as well pack up their bags and concede defeat while they are still behind the curve. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 (i'll nickname it GTab101) blows away the competition, it really is that good and the real deal. Here is a small snapshot of what I like about the GTab101: - modified Honeycomb so that I have convenient access to WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS, Vibration control, all from one-touch of the settings. Requires an extra 2 clicks on the Asus EeePad Transformer - lighter, and thinner than any and all Android tablets out there. Weight does make a difference when you are on the go and using it for hours at a time. - customized Honeycomb skins and provided cool add-ons like daytimer, mini-FlipBoard, social Media dashboard, all of which enhance the user experience. - haptic feedback. I missed this feature when I was consuming content on the Asus EeePad Transformer. - pleasant, warmer colour scheme than Asus EeePad Transformer, less "in your face" colour scheme than the Xoom. - Unique Power saving settings that I could not find in any other android tablet. Out of all the Android tablets, the GTab101 looks the most like the iPad as a result of its form factor. I can see why Apple has sued them. Mimicry is the most sincere form of flattery! Trust me, do not hesitate, no need to compare, just buy this one, end of story!

  • from bc
  • Oct 02, 2011

for techies

This is what iPad should have been. opensource and easy to mod. way better screen and speakers. ability to play multiple video file types. and yes flash on the web. light and good battery life. use power saver mode and it really becomes noticeable. cant wait to some new android o/s are released. Latest version of kies software syncs ok with windows 7. no issues with trasferring and is a bonus that it imports ituens playlists and album artwork. hope to see more apps and they seem to be appearing more and more.

  • from Edmonton
  • Oct 02, 2011

Great so far

I've had the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for a couple of weeks, and so far its been great, very glad I got it over the iPad. It does all I want it to, and more.

  • from Halifax, NS
  • Sep 24, 2011

great product

So far, I'm very happy with my tab. Been using it for development and personal use, the performance is great, styling impeccable, and Aneroid Market now has the same calibre of app than apple. God work Samsung!

  • from Van Bc
  • Sep 21, 2011

Great product

Great product works and looks great, kies takes a little to long but other than that flawless, love the personalization factor

  • from Toronto
  • Sep 13, 2011

Amazing Tablet, so much customization

I've used a an iPad2, Touchpad and this tablet. It is by far the BEST I have used, the customizing blows the others out of the water. The amount of apps for the iPad is the reason people buy, but soon realize they don't use them enough to make it worth while. Blazing fast speed, amazing screen and sleek design is another reason I went with this tablet. Ice Cream Sandwich will also make this tablet EVEN better. Samsung really has there 'stuff' together.

  • from winnipeg
  • Sep 07, 2011

Very nice

Better then ipad! Better screen more power! Top notch!

  • from Laval Qc
  • Sep 06, 2011

The good, the bad, the ugly... a nice pear ;)

The good: perfect to browse the internet, type emails, read books and play some tablet games. Video cameras and screen are outstanding! The bad: Video chat with skype not yet available but audio works... The ugly: Don't even think about using this tablet as a laptop replacement to watch your prefered HD videos. Unless you spend countless hours to find the right video parameters to transcode your files, Video playback quality is generally choppy and blocky... I even had some troubles with a few youtube videos, nothing important okay... except if you really do want to watch these videos. Overall: highly customizable, fast, light and very cute tablet but be aware it will do everything a tablet is supposed to be able to do but not as good as you might expect at this price. It's a good pear but some will always prefer apples.

  • from Vancouver, BC
  • Sep 03, 2011

Experience the whole Internet

I love that I can go to just about every website and experience it like on my computer - including ones with Flash. Battery life is much better than I had expected and there are more and more tablet optimized apps every day, although as I say, if you can go to websites why do you need all those apps? I also like the widescreen, much easier to see websites than on a narrower square iPad.

  • from newmarket
  • Sep 01, 2011

Love It

I love this tab. Vastly superior to ipad2 in every way except fewer apps in the market place. Android market gets better every day though! My Dad bought an ipad and will be exchanging it for this after using mine. BUY IT

  • from Toronto
  • Sep 01, 2011

A Refined Product

As a previous iPad/iPad 2 owner, I made the switch to an Android tablet for a fuller browsing experience. I have been through Asus, Acer and a HP but this is the most iPad like product of the bunch. Acer, Asus and Toshiba have their exclusive benefits but for style and refinement, this is the one! I can see why Apple is suing.

  • from Parksville,BC
  • Aug 21, 2011

Awesome Tablet

I have nothing negative to say about the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Awesome Awesome Awesome

  • from Parksville
  • Aug 10, 2011

Best tablet on the market today

I have nothing negative to say about the Galaxy Tab. This tablet is the best on the market today. It out performs the ipad ten fold in many ways. The display is super clear, super fast web browser and the list goes on. Awesome tablet!!!!!