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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Case (EF-CN900BBEGCA) - Black

  • Model #: EF-CN900BBEGCA
  • Web Code: 10272363
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(6 ratings)
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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating:4.0
(6 ratings)

Most recent customer reviews

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Case (EF-CN900BBEGCA)

Recently I purchased the new “Note 3”; I also purchased a second one as a Xmas gift for my spouse. Subsequent to these acquisitions I  Read full review

Galaxy Note 3 Case

This casing makes the phone really look elite. I just wish that the stich lining was the same color as that of the original back cover of the phone.   Read full review

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Case (EF-CN900BBEGCA) - Black

Prolong the life of your Galaxy Note 3 by keeping it protected. This s-view flip case shields your Samsung device from the elements while personalizing it with your sense of style.

Product Features
  • Black s-view flip case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • Simulated leather fitted hard shell

What's in the Box?

  • Cover

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