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Security Man Dummy Security Camera (SM-3601S)

  • Model #: SM-3601S
  • Web Code: 10208465
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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 4.0
(3 ratings)

Most recent customer reviews

bogus camera

Bought one of these years ago at hardware store. Put it outside and it has been blinking away for 3 years. Only replaced batterys one time great produ  Read full review

Dummy Camera

This camera is intended for interior use but I am trying it outside protected by overhanging roof and caulking to seal the sliding cover, etc.The comp  Read full review

Security Man Dummy Security Camera (SM-3601S)

SecurityMan dummy camera SM-3601S is designed as a professional security camera for deterring unwanted intruders for just a fraction of the cost of a real camera. It comes with a flashing red LED light which enhances the presence of the camera. Multiple dummy cameras can be used to mix in with real cameras or individually to increase your security presence anywhere.

Product Features
  • Imitation IR LEDs and one flashing LED
  • Plastic material
  • Metal mounting bracket
  • Powered by 2 x AA batteries (sold separately)

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