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Sonax 37" - 70" Full Motion TV Mount (M-011-MPM) - Online Only

  • Model #: M-011-MPM
  • Web Code: 10222719


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Sonax 37" - 70" Full Motion TV Mount (M-011-MPM)

Raise your beautiful plasma or LCD TV off the ground and take back some valuable floor space with this Sonax Wall Mount. It's ideal for 37"-70" televisions that are up to 110lbs and can be customized to place your HDTV in the perfect viewing position. This full motion mount swivels up to 45 degrees and even tilts up and down so you can set it at the optimal angle.

Product Features
  • Set it at the perfect distance from the wall with an adjustable setting between 12.5cm to 51.5 cm.

  • This full motion mount provides a +45 º swivel and tilt options of -7º/+15 º up and down.

  • The built-in leveling and locking system make it easy to install this mount yourself.

  • Compatible with mounting patterns: 200x100, 200x200, 600x400, and 800x400.

What's in the Box?

  • Hardware Kit
  • Instruction Manual

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