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Sony Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones (MDRNC13)

  • Model #: MDRNC13
  • Web Code: 10168746
(59 ratings)


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Whether you're traveling on the road, working in the office, or relaxing at home, the Sony MDR-NC13 noise cancelling earbuds provide a superb listening experience by reducing 90 percent of ambient noise. A perfect companion to your MP3 player, you'll enjoy studio-quality audio via neodymium magnets and 13.5mm driver units.

More Information

  • Convenient monitor switch that allows you to minimize your audio and listen to conversation.
  • Weighing only 1.1 ounces, these lightweight, vertical style earbuds are designed to sit comfortably in your ear.
  • Gold-Plated, L Type Stereo Mini Plug
  • In-Flight Plug Adapter
  • Includes carrying pouch.

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)

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  • Headphone Style
    In-Ear/Ear Bud
  • Band Style
  • Sports & Fitness Ear Clip
  • Sound Isolating
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • DJ Style
  • Professional Grade
  • High Fashion Design
  • Water/Sweat Resistant
  • Inline Volume Control
  • iPod/iPhone Control
  • Built-in Mic
  • Celebrity Endorsed
  • Cord Length
    1.49 m
  • Plug Material
  • Plug Size
    3.5 mm
  • Plug Shape
    Right Angled
  • Ear Cushion Material
    Not Applicable
  • Driver Unit Size
    13.5 mm
  • Power Source
    1 x AAA
  • Frequency Response
    10Hz - 22kHz
  • Impedance
    16 Ohm
  • Magnet Type
  • Sensitivity
    98 dB
  • Colour
  • Weight
    26 g
  • Warranty Labour
    1 Year(s)
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



Customer Reviews

3.8 / 5
Based on 59 ratings,37 Reviews
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  • from Fergus, ON
  • Oct 12, 2014

What noise canceling???

Noise canceling is sampling ambient sound and reproducing it at 180° so the sound waves cancel each other out. These do nothing. All that happens when you turn on the switch is the red LED comes on, no matter how many fresh, brand new batteries you try. They do absolutely nothing for background noises like street, lawnmower, dehumidifier, fan or general ambient noise. Try the Bose demo at the store and the results are nothing like that. Not even 1% like that. Then you might just want to use these for music… Don’t waste your money as a [$price] pair of Sony earbuds sound superior to these. I bought 2 pairs of these for my wife and myself for our trip to Europe. I marched them right back to the store and returned them as defective. Defective design and engineering. Bad Sony, bad.

  • from Richmond, BC
  • Oct 10, 2014

It's okay

Noise cancelling result in low freq is okay and acceptable, no effect to mid - high freq noise or you will be disappointed, over all noise is reduced like all other "noise-isolation" in-ear headset. The four cheap (around $price) (too cheap or can't afford the high end one like Bose) over the ear noise cancelling headsets I've used in the past 15 years when travelling has much noticeable and better over all noise cancelling results than the NC13. You get what you paid for. Just think of it as a regular in-ear headset but with bonus noise cancelling feature. Or try and compare with the bulkier over the ear noise cancelling headset.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Oct 06, 2014

Can't fly without these anymore.

Works beautiful, drowns out 80% of the plane noise when flying. Fits snug in the ears. Sound quality is okay, nothing fancy, but not bad either. Works the best with low-frequency noise. Even use it unplugged just with the noise cancellation on to take naps in noisy environments.

  • from mississauga
  • Aug 07, 2014


I have had these headphones since I was in grade seven. Im in gr 11, and only know they started to break. Im going to get another pair. They worked great. Sound was clear, and it was comfortable

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Jul 16, 2014


Don't waste your money. This is a complete waste and there is absolutely nothing good about it whatsoever.

  • from Victoria, BC
  • Jul 16, 2014

Best for price

These are lightweight, snug enough to jog in, and have amazing sound quality for their price point. They last for years, too.

  • from Aurora, ON
  • Apr 25, 2014


I don't know why this would be receiving any negative reviews at all. I love mine. Have had no problems, and have had them for nearly 2 years now. I am VERY satisfied with them.

  • from Toronto, ON
  • Apr 16, 2014

Packaging Very Environmental Unfriendly

Overall a good product. As noted in my title of review, packaging very environmental unfriendly.

  • from Oakville, ON
  • Apr 15, 2014

The whole family loves them

Contrary to negative reviews, these headphones work great on airplanes - the difference is huge when the noise cancelling is turned on. I have used them for few years now, getting 2 more just so that we don't have to fight for them when traveling. The battery lasts for a very long time as well.

  • from Toronto
  • Jan 30, 2014


Bought this for my wife since I have another Sony Noise Cancelling on ear headphone, this is totally disappointment, the noise cancellation feature is not noticeable and sony quality is way beyond expectation. the worst thing is --- I wanted to return to Bestbuy and they refused due to health reason. not exchanged and no refund. Bestbuy recommended to talk to SONY, same answer. If anyone want to buy a headphone with noise cancellation feature, this is not a good one

  • from Montréal, QC
  • Jan 30, 2014

sony-noise Cancelling In Ear

It is good value with the Money, keep me fall in sleep on air plane

  • from Montréal, QC
  • Dec 10, 2013

Perfect, great price

I've been a very old customer of sony, I have many Sony products. New to my collection is this MDR NC13. Like a lot say, DO NOT EXPECT this to cancel HIGH FREQUENCY NOISES such as speech. You must know that very few technology out there are capable of cancelling speech, even with bose you still here people talking (but they still have the best noise cancellation for low-mid freq). These headphones are PERFECT, the noise-cancelling works very well. You can hear the difference while travelling on train or similar situations. I use them to study and they are perfect, love them, great price and very good build quality! I would recommend them!

  • from Calgary, AB
  • Sep 29, 2013

Good value, but only works for low frequencies

I bought these for an upcoming plane trip and decided to give them a try based on price and reviews. At first I didn't think they worked as I didn't notice any difference on or off, I even put them back in the packaging ready for a return. I wondered how this could have so many positive reviews and decided to retest them in the bathroom with the fan on. To my surprise it does actually work well. Before giving them a negative review, try them in the bathroom with the fan on. They only work for canceling low frequencies like an airplane engine. If you really want a real pair of noise canceling ear buds, buy the Bose 20i

  • from Kitchener, ON
  • Sep 21, 2013

Great Value!

Cons: - The noise cancelling capability is average. It's more of a noise isolating earbud. Pros: - Nice price point. - Small, light and comfortable.

  • from Newmarket, ON
  • Sep 03, 2013

Perfect product

Bought these today for an upcoming plane trip. Tried them on and it's cool to see these work! The fridge was humming away and I switched on the cancellation and the noise almost vanished. Kind of freaked me out. Tried it next to the dehumidifier and sure enough, 70% more quiet. Cant wait to try it on a plane and my motorcycle. I switched the ear pieces to the small size, easy enough, and for $29 they sound great! I have always loved Sony's ear buds and these have the exact excellent sound of the smaller version Bass models I have. I can still hear talking and foot falls with the circuitry on which is a nice feature. Would buy these again for sure.

  • from Mississauga, ON
  • Aug 28, 2013

Works as advertised

The earbuds fit comfortably in my ears and stay in. The AAA battery box is too heavy to leave dangling, so I have to keep it clipped to my shirt. It works by injecting a soft white noise when on which eliminates a significant amount of low-end background noise (ie, the noise of cars on the road, background noise from engines and AC in an airplane cabin). The cancellation appears to be dynamic based on the amount of noise -- walking outside on the street, the white noise is barely audible, but in a jet it becomes much more audible, but never intrusive. Audio quality is not terrible, but far from premium -- volume sensitivity is about medium grade. Alternative earbud pieces and an airplane audio adapter are included along with a little draw-bag.

  • from London, ON
  • Mar 13, 2013

Great value, if you use them right

Great quality sound for the price and the fact that they're ear buds. Great lows and mids, highs are only ok. Portable, with the handy bag it comes with. Don't use them on the go because... A. They cancel noise and you need to hear things to not get yourself killed. B. The battery box makes it hard to walk around with them in. Great for blocking out noise in a coffee shop, home, plane or office.

  • from Waterloo, ON
  • Mar 03, 2013

Really works! Worth the price.

I bought them on sale. The HVAC in my office makes an annoying noise. I wear these and turn it on without playing a music, and the HVAC noise noticeably turned down! Almost silence... I am happy with it.

  • from Barrie
  • Feb 01, 2013

Works Good

I found these worked very well on two flights lasting more than 20 hours each. Battery life was good. Reduction in ambient noise was very good, provided the ear pieces were fitted properly and inserted well. The reduction in ambient background noise allowed for a much lower volume setting on the entertainment system and contributed to substantially less fatique on such long flights. The smaller size makes them more convenient to carry onboard than reqular style headphones.

  • from Windsor Ontario
  • Jan 30, 2013

Sony Noise Cancelling

Hi I just bought these and they are great. I work in an area with alot of noise and they work very well. I listen to music on a 5th generation Ipod Nano and with the volume set between 1/2 I hear a very little bit of noise,turn up the volume to 3/4 or more and the noise is completely gone,they fit great and lots of extra cord, and they sound good to, I also like the the velvet pouch that comes with them it is big enough to hold my Ipod and the ear buds perfectly. GREAT PRODUCT FOR THE PRICE

  • from Calgary, AB
  • Jan 25, 2013

can't see the difference

I use it in the bus and train. By itself (off) it blocks a lot of noise, but when turning 'on' I can't see a lot of difference.. so I dont use that feature.. I will check if I get to the plane to see if its really worthy.

  • from Brossard, QC
  • Jan 04, 2013

Great for movie watching on plane

Got these on sale. best place to use them is on a plane to watch a movie. they actually work! Easier to carry than my Bose noise reduction headphones and at a fraction of the price. Remeber, these headphones only reduce low frequency noises! If you fly alot, I do recommend them. if you go to the gym, these will not work for you... Tnx

  • from oakville ontario
  • Dec 26, 2012


Why is one half of the headphone 3 inches long while the other half if like 2 feet and why in Gods name would I wanna carry around a 2 inch AAA battery pack around when i want to listen to music.

  • from Richmond Hill, ON
  • Dec 13, 2012

not very good

It just purchased the in ear noise cancelling headset and compared to another these do not work, check them by putting on your dryer for background noise and turn them on and off there is no difference. Spend more $ for a good pair that actjually cancel the back ground noise.

  • from Halifax
  • Sep 16, 2012

Clarification on noise cancelling

Just wanted to clarify for anyone reading these reviews and getting confused why some reviewers think the noise cancellation works great and some think it is terrible. The noise cancelation is meant to block LOW FREQUENCY NOISE not high frequency noise. If you are buying these to block out your spouse ragging on you or your kids screaming don't bother, that's NOT what they are for. Noise from planes, subways etc works great!

  • from Toronto
  • Jun 12, 2012

Hanging Battery Too Heavy and Noise Cancelling

I have this earbuds for several months now. I travel often and I find they don't good such a great job cancelling the noise as an over the ear headphone, such as MDR NC7 which I just bough. The hanging battery compartment makes it really annoying as it is heavy and if not attached to clothing then it makes the earbud to keep falling. Overall, I don't think it's worth the price at all.

  • from Thornhill
  • Apr 28, 2012

The Noise Cancellation works!

The noise cancellation effect is fairly subtle. It removes only low frequency sounds. I find it makes the subway ride to work more pleasant. I believe it would be useful in any situation where there is a lot of mechanical noise, such as on a plane. In the office or at home the effect is not really noticeable. These are very nice sounding ear buds, with a reasonable amount of isolation, and I really appreciate the noise cancelling, because I take the subway every day.

  • from Lethbridge
  • Mar 25, 2012

Made a long flight comfortable

Bought a set of these just before my flight to Maui this month. Was surprised how well they worked considering they are just a bud type of phone. The loud rush of jet noise was reduced to no more than the wind noise from my vehicle. For the sale price, these are excellent. Of course they are not going to create complete silence when you step out the door, if thats what you want then spend the three hundred dollars for phones, but for a flight or anywhere there is a loud drone of sound they reduce it to a very acceptable level. Well worth the price.

  • from Calgary
  • Mar 21, 2012

Doesn't Work

I tried these headphone first without the noise cancelling, then with and could not notice any difference with the background noise. Additonal batteries required for the noise cancelling makes it bulky.

  • from London ont
  • Jan 19, 2012


I got these headphones for Christmas at first I didn't like them cause there's so much wire and the noise canceling part is a lil bulky and heavy with the battery in it but you can just hook it to your belt loop and you don't even notice it really. The sound quality is really good they sound great and have a good base in it. The noise canceling part of it does work and it sounds good with it on or off I really like them and they are pretty comfy in your ears too. And the price is pretty good I hope this helps.

  • from Port Coquitlam
  • Dec 28, 2011

Great product, made a long trip much more bearable

How I wished I had found these sooner! These earbuds are a traveller's best friends. Very small and light, and so effective at cancelling out the constant airplane whoosh that I wore them even when I wasn't listening to the entertainment. I'm not an audiophile so can't comment on the quality of the sound, but for my purposes they were perfect. I could turn down the volume and hear better than before, and didn't finish the flight with a pounding headache. The earbuds themselves blocked a lot of noise, but I can't see how the previous reviewer didn't notice the difference with the sound cancellation on, because it was a major difference! My only minor quibble is that I wish they came with a cord reel of some sort instead of a little bag, as they tangled easily, and it would have been nice to have included a battery.

  • from Dollard-des-Ormeaux
  • Dec 25, 2011

Is this a joke?

I bought these and returned them within the hour. Do yourself a favor - bring a AAA (small!) battery with your when you buy them. Try them right outside the store, you will find yourself at customer service returning them immediately. The noise canceling does nothing. Would you like me to be more clear? Okay, it does absolutely nothing. Yes, my battery was fine, yes I installed it with the correct polarity. Yes the red LED light came on. I was shocked how they could sell these. The 'only' way to buy noise canceling headphones is to go to the $300 range. Did I mention, the noise canceling does NOTHING WHATSOEVER in terms of reducing ambient noise. Don't even bother wasting your time...l know, you're stubborn...bring the battery with you :)

  • from Thornhill
  • Dec 24, 2011


I bought a pair of these hoping to get noise cancelling, and all I got was something that only blocked 5% more than what regular ear bud headphones block. Don't waste your money on these...

  • from Halifax
  • Dec 14, 2011

Awesome on planes

I bought these for planes and you can hear a clear difference that they really do resource the engine noise that I always found annoying on long flights. If you want them for flying they work...period. Awesome purchase!!!!

  • from Mississauga
  • Sep 01, 2011

Sony noise cancelling earbuds

Great sound an earbuds. Only problem is that the cord wraps around your neck and I don't like it. Other than that there sweet

  • from Kingston
  • Aug 29, 2011

A bit unwieldy to use

It has a great sound , but the design leaves lot to be desired . First of all , the noise cancelling unit is rather heavy , so you have to pin it in your shirt pocket (if you don't pin it , the ear buds will simply fall off your ears0 - and guess what? if you are wearing a T-shirt or something similar - you are out of luck.You would either have to clip them on your collar - which would make you look like an alien from 70's low budget movies , or clip them to your jeans pocket - which wouldn't work for anyone, as the cord may prove to be shorter for that. Secondly ,it seems they are specifically designed to be tangled up at slightest hint - not great to carry around in bags . and honestly, i couldn't feel the effect of noise cancellation - it's same with or without the noise cancellation ( and yeah, i did remember to put the batteries ) . I bought them on sell , and i am going to return them - they just feel awkward .

  • from Calgary
  • Jun 23, 2011


Great comfort Able to turn off noise cancelling Easy to switch battery (AAA) Amazing sound (deep bases, sharp treble) Noise cancelling works! Best purchase I've made in years!

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