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Speck iGuy Soft Shell Case for iPad 2/3/4 - Lime (SPKA1247) - Online Only

  • Model #: SPKA1247
  • Web Code: 10236724
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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 4.0
(2 ratings)

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Okay but...

Too bulky. But it does protect the iPad.  Read full review

Speck iGuy Soft Shell Case for iPad 2/3/4 - Lime (SPKA1247)

iGuy by Speck is a funky, free standing foam case designed to fit all generations of the iPad. Kid tested, this lightweight case is easy to hold, can stand on his own, and is soft and squishy to absorb shock if he slips out of small hands. Offering EVA foam protection, iGuy is cute and protective, making him perfect for little kids and grownups.

Product Features
  • Free standing

  • Made of EVA foam

  • Squeezable and soft

  • Shock absorbent

  • Fits all full sized iPads

  • Lime green

What's in the Box?

  • Case

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