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Bosch Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker (TAS5542UC) - Black

  • Model #: TAS5542UC
  • Web Code: 10199089
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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 4.3
(12 ratings)

Most recent customer reviews

good choice

I chose the Tassimo because of the universality of the types of coffee I could get from it and it was a good choice. It was easy to put together and i  Read full review

A Must for any coffee and tea drinker

In short it makes coffee,tea,hot chocolate and more fast and well. Saves time, is cleaner than traditional ways to make them. Also it has its own filt  Read full review

Bosch Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Maker (TAS5542UC) - Black

The TASSIMO T55 takes automatic brewing to new levels with its combination of special barcode technology, the MAVEA MAXTRA water filter system, as well as manual settings. It features a compact and elegant design with a high gloss finish and chrome fittings.

Product Features
  • Easy, automatic operation - simply push a button and your beverage is ready in about a minute
  • TASSIMO uses barcode technology to brew the perfect drink every time
  • Manual setting lets you customize your cup
  • Gorgeous high-gloss finish, with elegant chrome fittings and minimalist design
  • The MAVEA MAXTRA water filter system enhances flavour by reducing limescale and chlorine in the water
  • Flow heater technology virtually eliminates heat-up and start-up time
  • Innovative cup stand is adjustable and can accommodate even a large travel mug
  • A +/- button lets you adjust the strength of your beverage
  • Saves energy by automatically reverting to stand-by mode when done - water is only heated on demand
  • Choose from a wide variety of beverage types from top brands like Maxwell House, Cadbury, and Café Noir

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