Time Bandits (Blu-ray) (1982)

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  • Release Date: 06-22-2010
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Plunging headfirst into history, director Terry Gilliam fearlessly brings the logic of children's fairy tales to bear as he navigates through myth and legend in a bizarre, ingenious retelling of THE WIZARD OF OZ. A boy and six good-natured little persons careen through time-twisting interactions with Napoleon, Robin Hood, and Agamemnon, among others, with a map the little people stole from their employer, the Supreme Being. But their intention is to rob their way through the past, which does not make their boss happy. Meanwhile, Evil is after the map in order to become the Supreme Being himself. The result is an extraordinarily visual extravaganza that overflows with Gilliam's ecstatic vision. The film is shot from a child's viewpoint, both through the character of Kevin and the placement of the camera. One of the morals of this thoroughly enjoyable, charming fantasy is that heroes aren't always all they're cracked up to be. Fun special effects and great supporting performances abound, including terrific turns by Ian Holm, John Cleese, Ralph Richardson, and especially David Warner as Evil.
In Terry Gilliam's brilliant epic voyage through time and space, a group of diminutive assistants to the Supreme Being steals a much-coveted map of the universe that reveals gaping flaws through which time travel is possible. When they invade the bedroom (through the wardrobe, in an homage to C.S. Lewis's THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA) of a young boy named Kevin, he joins them for run-ins with Napoleon (Ian Holm), Robin Hood (Monty Python's John Cleese), Agamemnon (Sean Connery), an Ogre (Peter Vaughan), and Evil (David Warner). The darkly playful script is co-written by Gilliam's fellow former Pythonite Michael Palin, who also appears in the film.
Theatrical Release Date 1982
Format Blu-ray Disc
Number of Discs 1

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New York Times 11-06-1981 "...A cheerfully irreverent lark -- part fairy tale, part science fiction, part comedy..."
Total Film 08-01-2000 "...The movie's as perversely entertaining as it ever was..."
Premiere 08-24-2010 3 stars out of 4 -- "A fun and whimsical journey that is vintage Terry Gilliam."
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