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Turtlebeach Earforce P11 Headset (PlayStation 3)

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Customer Ratings
Overall Rating: 4.2
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Most recent customer reviews

Great product

I've had these for 4 months. Still work as good as the day I got them. Great buy. Especially if you get them on sale. They are bulky. But I still   Read full review

Not a bad headset to get yourself started

Headsets are not exactly for everybody: some find them distracting, some find them annoying. The P11 by Turtle Beach is an affordable headset for   Read full review

Turtlebeach Earforce P11 Headset (PlayStation 3)

The Ear Force P11 integrates premium stereo game sound with crystal-clear communication on the PlayStation Network and PC/Mac to create an immersive audio environment for playing popular game titles. The P11 is two headsets in one - a stereo USB headset for chat sound and an amplified stereo headset for game sound. That means you can independently control chat and game sound from a single control box whether you're playing PS3 or PC games.

Product Features
  • The P11 gives you a significant advantage because you can hear sound cues others can't, so you'll react faster and take them out before they take you out.
  • If you're serious about your PS3 gaming, then get serious about the sound. Move up to the Ear Force P11 and become a better player while experiencing your games as they were meant to be heard.

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