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Via Rail Canada 24" Wheeled Expandable Suitcase (V3024) - Charcoal

  • Model #: V3024 Charcoal
  • Web Code: 10212721
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Good price and good value

nothing to complain. I got it on sale, so price was good too.  Read full review

Via Rail Canada 24" Wheeled Expandable Suitcase (V3024) - Charcoal

The Via Rail Canada 24" Expandable Upright Suitcase gives you the room you need to pack all your travel essentials. Made from durable 1200 Denier polycord, it also has a plush luxurious lining that protects your clothes, shoes, and more during travel. The inline skate wheels and locking handle make it a breeze to cart around busy airports and exciting destinations.

Product Features
  • Store your travel-sized items in the removable waterproof toiletry kit.
  • Expandable to provide up to 30 percent more packing space.

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