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We know making an insurance claim can be stressful. That's why our team of experienced, non-commissioned Claims Consultants is here, ready to help you replace your lost goods quickly and easily.

We provide your Claims Adjuster accurate and timely quotations. Once your claim has been approved, just pick up your goods or have them delivered to you with no out-of-pocket expenses.

Our convenient in-store offices and multiple pick-up locations allow you to view and try out replacement products from the over 600 brand names we have in our stores.

As a division of Best Buy Canada, our selection includes:

  • Home Theater and Audio
  • Car Audio (including installation)
  • Video
  • Personal Electronics
  • MP3 Players
  • Home and Small Business Office
  • Computer Software and Games
  • Photographic Equipment (including digital, point & shoot and SLR)
  • Telecommunications
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Gaming Systems and Accessories

For more details, please contact our Central Communications Centre at:

Phone: 1-866-9CLAIMS (925-2467) or 604-412-1239
Fax: 1-877-412-5251 or 604-412-5251

(for Best Buy Product Service inquires please contact : 1-866-BEST BUY (1-866-2378-289))

Fill in a quote request form to get things started.

How do I get started?

It is best to contact your insurance provider first to let them know you are going to be processing a claim. Your adjuster will give you the necessary forms to fill out and then your adjuster will fax or email us with the detailed list of Consumer Electronics, Car Audio, Appliances and Media you have supplied to them. We will then process a replacement quote and send it back to your adjuster for review.


You can simply contact our toll-free call center (see previous page) and we will take down your information and then send a Like, Kind, Quality replacement quotation to your adjuster.


You can e-mail us your information with the Quote Request Form that is available on the previous page.

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How long does it take to get a quote?

Our turn-a-round time is generally up to 48 hours. This may vary due to how much detailed information is originally provided on the quote request i.e. make & model numbers supplied or not, are correct model numbers supplied, etc. If we need to contact you to get more information and leave a message - we generally will not process the quote until we hear back from you...

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I don't have my insurance information. Can I still get a quote?

We do need some basic information in order to send a quote to your adjuster, mostly the insurance company's name and if possible your adjuster's name. If you have both of these it will make it easier for us to get the quote to your adjuster in a timely manner but if you only have the insurance companies name we can call the company and verify who your adjuster is and then contact them with the replacement quote.

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How do you choose the replacement product?

Our trained staff does all the homework for you by researching the specifications, features and quality of the product that was lost or damaged. We look at all product that is currently available on the market and make a informed suggestion to yourself and your adjuster as to what item would be the closest replacement so you can back to "where you were" before your loss. Our ReClaim consultants are hand picked for their years of experience in the electronics and/or insurance industries. We leverage our team of experts and their vast knowledge with the seemingly endless list of electronics and appliances, both old and new. ReClaim has also invested in a software program that can look up brochures, specifications and features of most electronics dating back to 1986!

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Can I go to any store and talk to someone?

We have dedicated non-commissioned ReClaim Consultants in offices within various Best Buy stores to serve you. It is best to talk to one of our staff as sales associates on the floor are not familiar with the process and cannot bill the insurance company directly for you. This will also alleviate any miscommunication and confusion on what has been quoted, what has been approved for replacement by your adjuster etc. Please call our toll-free line at 1-866-9CLAIMS (925-2467) for a location near you. Quite often the entire quote process can be done over the phone and from the comfort of your own home.

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How long does it take to get my stuff back?

Generally there is no specific time frame on processing a claim as there are so many variables in each case. Once ReClaim Insurance Replacement has sent the quote to your adjuster, we can replace your products as soon as we are given authorization directly from the adjuster. Be sure to get all of you required paperwork, such as your Schedule of Loss and Police Report, to your adjuster so that the process goes quicker and smoother. Once replacement is approved, simply make an appointment to meet with your ReClaim consultant and we will look after the rest.

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How is everything paid for?

Most insurance companies have accounts already set up with ReClaim so you will not be "out of pocket" for your products.

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I must pay a Deductible in order to process my claim - how do I pay this?

ReClaim can accept payment of your deductible and provide you with a receipt. We then bill the insurance company for the remainder of our invoice.


Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit, Cash.

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Is there a cost for your service?

No. Our service has no charge to you or the insurance company. We quote with the goal that you will choose our company and stores to replace your items. We do not work for the insurance companies and in no way make decisions on your policy and/or what can or can not be replaced. ReClaim is simply a quote and supply source who serve 2 customers, you and the insurance company.

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Can I exchange/return my product?

As the insurance company is ultimately paying the bill the product is non-refundable to you for cash or credit. If for some reason the product needs to be returned, a ReClaim Claims Consultant must be the one to authorize and process the refund. All refunds go back to the insurance company as the original invoice was paid on the insurance company's account.

You can exchange your product for product in the same category only i.e. you were given a 27" television and now you want to upgrade to a 32" television - this can be done. You can not exchange your 27" T.V. for a car this is not what your insurance claim was for and goes against the "Replacement" rules on your insurance policy. Again, any exchange must be processed by a ReClaim staff member.

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Why should I process my claim through ReClaim?

As experts in Consumer Electronics and Media replacement, ReClaim seeks to provide you efficient, timely and convenient service.

We help make the stressful time of property loss hassle-free and simple as possible.

We have dedicated non-commissioned in-store consultants to help you through the process.

Authorized dealer of over 600 Brand Names.

Large on-hand inventory.

Direct billing to the insurance company.

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Fill in a quote request form to get things started.

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