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August 01, 2012
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With Beats Solo HD Colours headphones

When Beats introduced its Studio headphones a new archetype was born. Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones let you hear your music just as the artist intended, rich with bass and intimate detail — exactly how it was recorded in the studio.

Now, the incredible sound of Beats Studio headphones can be heard from an even more lightweight and portable set of cans. Beats Solo HD Color headphones are the on-ear version of the Beats Studio edition. Smaller in size only, they deliver the same unsurpassed audio quality that Beats is known for — while adding more than a few surprises of their own.

Wear your style on your ears and up your accessory level with hot new colours like Sour Apple, Bubblegum, Metallic Blue, Smartie Blue, and Grape, letting you mix and match your style as simply as changing your headphones.

The incredible sound quality of Beats Solo HD headphones is...
Uncompromising design


When you carry the name Beats, it's important that you look as good as you sound. Beats Solo HD headphones carry on the tradition of the Beats Studio line, combining eye-catching aesthetics with uncompromising craftsmanship to give you a pair of headphones you'll want to take with you everywhere.

With hot new colours like Sour Apple, Bubblegum, Metallic Blue, Smartie Blue, and Grape as well as classic black, red and white versions, Beats Solo HD headphones let you choose the style that suits your style. They feature a high-quality clear-coat finish that distinguishes them from imitators and keeps them looking fresh no matter how many miles you put on them, and a distinctive Beats logo on each earpiece that lets people know you're serious about your music.

They're also tough enough to handle whatever your active lifestyle throws at them. Beats Solo HD headphones are made of a comfortable, super-durable, flexible material and reinforced with a metal strip for added strength. They're as close to unbreakable as you'll find in a pair of high-definition headphones.

Hear music as it's meant to be heard


Music can be powerful, but only if it’s heard through speakers that can harness that power. Unfortunately, the basic earbuds that came with your smartphone or portable music player just weren’t made for such things. Beats Solo HD headphones, on the other hand, were built to deliver undiminished high-definition audio — with all the volume and impact you’ve been missing.

The first Beats by Dr. Dre headphones to feature two speakers in each can, Beats Solo HD headphones produce a sound that is rich in detail. Hear thunderous bass, rapturous highs and clearly defined mid-level. Every element the artist recorded in the studio is delivered to your ears. Built for music lovers of all stripes, Beats Solo HD headphones let you hear your favourite music exactly as it was meant to be heard.

Take control of your phone and your music


When you’ve got a pair of headphones that are as wearable as the Beats Solo HD headphones, the only thing that can be really bothersome is having to take them off. Fortunately, Beats Solo HD headphones have been designed to let you take calls and search for songs on your portable device without ever uncovering your ears.

The headphones feature both a built-in mic and a remote control on the headphone cord. Switching between songs and calls is easy. No more fumbling for buttons on your phone or having to hold it up to your mouth to speak. All the controls you need are right there on the headphone cord — from taking calls to skipping tracks and adjusting volume.