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Get the Right Headphones or Earbuds for Your Kids and Preserve their Hearing

by hootie from 03-10-2013

Kids HPhones #1.jpegKids have small and more delicate ears that are more prone to permanent damage while they are still developing. The other problem is that kids most often know no limits and like to turn up the volume as high as they can. Prolonged exposure to that high volume will inevitably do some damage, and even permanent hearing loss, so if your kids use headphones it is important to see that they are made for children, preferably with the ability to limit the volume to a safe level. Fortunately there are a few options available.

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About Rocketfish

The number one goal at Rocketfish is to provide a superior experience for customers. Whether you’re looking for a Rocketfish HDMI cable to hook up to your HDTV, a Bluetooth headset for chatting hands free while gaming, or a case for your newest gadget, Rocketfish develops easy to use, innovative products and accessories designed to make the technology side of your life a bit easier.

Home Theatre and Computer

Rocketfish manufactures a wide range of TV and home theatre products that will help you install, connect and care for the components of your HDTV, speaker setup and more. With affordable, high quality products like Rocketfish HDMI cables, they also offer a full line of computer and tablet add-ons, cases, surge protectors, fans, hard drives, chargers and more.

Audio and Gaming

Rocketfish Bluetooth technology is integrated into a wide range of products designed to make connecting easier. Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, computers, stereos, video game consoles and more, it lets you chat or stream music wirelessly. With products like headsets, headphones, speakers and dongles, Rocketfish Bluetooth has your wireless connectivity needs covered.

Cameras and Camcorders

Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a budding professional, Rocketfish has the lenses, filters and accessories that will help you take incredible pictures, shot after shot. With UV camera filters to improve contrast, flash diffusers for softer, more natural looking light, and lens caps to protect your equipment, Rocketfish offers a full range of photography paraphernalia and accessories.

On the Road

When you’re driving, safety is a huge concern. Rocketfish prides itself on making products that keep you connected and hands-free while you’re in your car. With chargers, Bluetooth headsets, GPS mounts and cleaning kits, Rocketfish has the products that will let you find your way safely and take important calls when you’re on the road.

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