Sonos is the smart speaker system that uses your WiFi to stream the music you love throughout your home. Sonos speakers are beautifully designed to fill your entire home with music. Use one simple app to stream different tunes in different rooms. Or send one amazing song all through the house.

Sonos speakers combine built-in sensors and smart software to make your listening experience easy. Every speaker is simple to set up, no technical skills needed. Regular software updates with new features and services make sure your speakers just keep getting smarter, for as long as you own them.

You're better than this.

Push Notification

With Sonos, your music streams via WiFi instead of Bluetooth. So you never miss a beat.

Baby's Up

Sonos playbar with Night Sound. Like a babysitter for your volume button.

Tool Time

Simple wireless setup without the work, work, work, work, work.

Sad Metal

Farewell, tiny tunes. Hello, big sound.

Volume Hunter

Sonos packs any room with pure, wall-to-wall sound.

Pairing Problems

Set it up once then forget it. Your Sonos will remember.

The Absurdities of Modern Listening

Say goodbye to puny PC speakers, jerry-rigged MP3 docks and irritating Bluetooth dropouts. Sonos gives your favorite music the love it deserves.

Listening Fail #02 "MacGyver"

Sonos speakers are artfully designed to fill modern homes with stunning sound. Franken-Stereo, R.I.P.

Listening Fail #28 "Barely Hanging On"

Sonos streams music wirelessly to any speaker on your network. Incompatible? It’s a thing of the past.

Listening Fail #15 "RCA Jungle"

Q: How many wires does it take to hook up your Sonos?
A: None. The music flows wirelessly to every speaker on your network.

Listening Fail #09 "Extreme Pairing Fail"

No more connection issues. You control every Sonos speaker with the same device. From anywhere in your home.

Listening Fail #23 "You’ve Got the Left, I’ve Got the Right"

Share music, not earbuds. Because a song shared out loud sounds even sweeter.

Listening Fail #30 "Cord Nightmare"

Sonos speakers stream music to every room of your home. No wires attached.

Listening Fail #33 "Just Can’t Let Go"

Replace those old sounds inside your head with the full-body joy of listening out loud.

Listening Fail #14 "Mug o' Bass"

Sonos delivers a pure sonic punch––high, low and in-between. No cup required.

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