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Limited time offer Trade in your used cell phone
for up to a $400 gift card

Plus get an additional $50 off select phones with
TELUS, Rogers and Bell on a 2-year new or renewal plan*

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Towards an Xbox One, plus up to a $200 Gift Card
when you trade in an old console *

How it Works Participating Stores
Xbox One

GET A BONUS $50 CREDIT TOWARDS AN XBOX ONE - In-store only. Due to municipal by-laws, trade-in is not currently available in: Surrey & Kelowna (BC), Winnipeg (MB), Sudbury, Woodbridge, Richmond Hill (ON) & Rosemere (QC). Trade-in hours may vary from store hours. Check for full details and a list of eligible titles and participating stores. Trade-in values can vary depending on condition and games must include boxes. No duplicate titles accepted, regardless of console. Stores not able to take consoles for trade-in can still give customers a $50 credit towards the purchase of an Xbox One when an old console is traded for recycling. No dealers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Trade-In

What is the Best Buy Canada Trade-in Program?

Best Buy Canada's Trade-In Program offers you a convenient way to bring us your gently used electronics to trade for a Best Buy Canada gift card. Due to legal restrictions, you must be at least 19 years old to take advantage of the program.

What can I Trade-In?

We're constantly evaluating categories where we can offer consumers a great value for electronics they no longer use. At this time, we are only able to accept iPod and MP3s, tablets, cell phones, laptops, Macbook, games and gaming consoles.

How much do I get for my stuff?

The age, condition and the original accessories included will affect the Trade-In value of your items. Best Buy Canada uses our proprietary technology to evaluate your device and provide a competitive offer based on the aforementioned factors.

What do I need to include with my product?

Please include any manuals, accessories and packaging that came with the product. Missing manuals and accessories may impact the Trade-In value offered. Please also note that to accept your item for your Trade-In, it must have a visible serial number. The serial number should not be removed, scratched off or manipulated in any way. You are responsible for removing any data from your device before providing the product to us. Under no circumstances shall Best Buy Canada be liable for any loss of any data or media from products delivered to us for Trade-In or recycling.

What is required to complete a Trade-In transaction in store?

Due to legal restrictions, you must be at least 19 years old and have a government issued photo ID. Furthermore, each store depending on its respective jurisdictional by-laws may be required to record additional information.

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What happens to the item I Trade-In?

Your device will be:

  • Sold by Best Buy Canada Secondary Markets channels or other Best Buy Canada resale outlets (resale)
  • Sent to the Service Centers (for parts and refurbished devices sold via the Best Buy Canada outlets online)
  • Responsibly disposed of via our Recycling Program

Do I need to bring the receipt for the item I want to trade in?

No, having a receipt will not make a difference in the Trade-In transaction. Trade-In items may have been purchased from retailers other than Best Buy Canada.

How do you assess the condition of my product?

No, having a receipt will not make a difference in the Trade-In transaction. Trade-In items may have been purchased from retailers other than Best Buy Canada.

  • GOOD - The device is fully functional with no technical problems and is in like new condition.
  • FAIR - The device is fully functional with no technical problems, and only a few scratches due to normal use. If the device has a screen, there are no scratches or burned out pixels.
  • POOR - The device has one or more of these issues: Minor functional damage or product failure that can be easily repaired; and more than normal visible wear and tear, including cracks, dents, scratches, dirt, user-added stickers and other signs of use.
  • NOT WORKING - The device has one or more of these issues: It has functional damage or product failure that affects its ability to perform its function or impairs its use and cannot be easily repaired; it has water damage or damage from other fluids. Items falling in this condition will have NO Trade-In value and will not qualify for this program (unless advertised under specific promotions).

Why do some Best Buy stores allow me to Trade in my Used Games but not other Trade In product?

At this time internal limitations restrict our ability to accept product other than Used Games in a small group of stores.

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What type of previously played games can be traded at Best Buy?

Video games from the following consoles are valid for trade-in: Nintendo DS and DSi, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Please note that acceptance of specific games is subject to change based on inventory.

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