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GPS Watches: Your Own Personal Trainer

Equipped with a built-in GPS receiver, a GPS watch can help you reach your workout goals. Just like a regular watch, you simply strap it to your wrist, set it, and head out for a run or whatever activity you enjoy most. Most basic models will be able to time your workout and track your distance, while high-end versions can monitor your heart rate and praise you for reaching your set goals.

Built-in GPS Receiver

With the power of TomTom, Garmin or Magellan, having a high-sensitivity GPS receiver inside your watch will allow it to pinpoint your exact location. As you run, the watch uses satellite data to record your time, distance, pace, speed, calories, elevation, and more so you can track your fitness goals and go further.

Monitor Your Heart Rate

For a more accurate reading of your workout, some models will even monitor your heart rate with an optional chest band. The band uses wireless technology to connect with your GPS watch, so you can track your beats per minute and adjust your workout accordingly.

Loaded with Great Extras

Most GPS watches can do more than simply tell you what time it is; these wristwatches are also packed with features that will really get you moving. Map your route, review your run history, set reminders, or transfer your data to your computer. Some manufacturers offer online services where you can chart your progress and access other cool features.

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