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  • Release Date: 11-27-2015
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Microsoft Band Overview

Microsoft Band Overview

The Microsoft Band 2 is the latest and most advanced in wearable technology. With 11 sensors & unlimited functionality, it’ll help you achieve your fitness goals!


The Microsoft Band 2 is among the elite wearables that successfully bridges the gap between activity tracker and smart watch. It tracks your heart rate, exercise, calorie burn, and sleep quality, while keeping you connected with email, text alerts, and more. And with 11 sensors, the Microsoft Band 2 makes your health goals more attainable than ever.

More Information

Healthier and more fit

  • Continuous heart rate monitor tracks heart rate, calorie burn, and sleep quality for a better overall health picture
  • Get fit and reach your fitness goals with tracking for running, biking, golf, and working out
  • Microsoft Health app delivers actionable insights into your fitness and health with full-colour, easily-understandable charts and graphs

Productive and connected

  • See email previews and calendar alerts to stay productive while avoiding constantly checking your smartphone
  • Easily check calls, text messages, and social updates to stay plugged in with family and friends while on the go
  • Full-colour curved AMOLED display fits comfortably on your wrist and makes reading notifications easy
  • Seamlessly syncs up with your Windows Phone, Android device, and iPhone using Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • Cortana personal assistant lets you reply to text messages, take notes, and set reminders using your phone and built-in microphone on the Microsoft Band (this feature requires a compatible Windows Phone smartphone)

GPS and sensors

  • Built-in GPS mapping helps you record your distance and routes while running, biking, and hiking for deeper analysis on the Microsoft Health app
  • 11 advanced sensors, including accelerometer/gyrometer detects motion to calculate steps and other fitness goals
  • Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of your touchscreen display automatically

What's in the Box?

  • Microsoft Band 2
  • Microsoft Band USB Charging Cable
  • Safety and Warranty Document
  • Quick Start Guide

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)

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  • Display
  • Display Colour
    Full Colour
  • Touchscreen
  • Illuminated Display
  • Attachment Location
  • Connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • USB (Data)
  • NFC Enabled
  • 3G
  • 4G LTE
  • Smart Phone Synchronization
  • Data Syncing
  • Wireless Syncing
  • Memory Card Type
  • Other Connectivity
  • Activity Monitoring Features
  • Calories Tracking
  • Distance Tracking
  • Steps Tracking
  • Running Tracking
  • Elevation Tracking
  • Climbing Tracking
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Food and Drink Tracking
  • Monitoring Sports
    Running; Biking; Golf
  • Notifications & Controls
  • Incoming Calls
  • Missed Calls
  • Answering Calls
  • Smart Phone Battery Alert
  • Music Controls
  • Camera Control
  • Find My Phone
  • Voice Commands
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • SMS
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google+
  • Weather
  • Silent Alarm
  • Vibration
  • Illuminated Alerts
  • Sensors
  • Accelerometer
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Compass
  • Altimeter
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Barometer
  • GPS
  • Perspiration
  • Heart Rate
  • Compatibility
  • Web-based Application
  • Mac iOS Compatibility
    Yes - iPhone 4S; iPhone 5; iPhone 5C; iPhone5S; iPhone 6; iPhone 6 Plus; iOS 8.1.2
  • Android Compatibility
    Yes - Android 4.3-5 Smartphones
  • BlackBerry Compatibility
  • Windows Phone Compatibility
    Windows Phone 8.1 Update
  • Mac OS X Compatibility
  • Windows PC Compatibility
  • Other Compatibility
  • Companion App Required
  • Software/Apps
  • Operating System
    iOS; Android; Win10
  • Preloaded Apps
  • Compatible App Stores
    Google Play; App Store; Windows Store
  • Approximate Number of Apps Available
  • Approx Number of Compatible Apps
  • Power
  • Power Type
    Battery Powered
  • Battery Type
  • Battery Life (Typical)
    48 h
  • Charging Time
    1 h
  • Charging Method
  • Other Features
  • Classification
  • Alarm
  • Designed for Sports & Fitness
  • Camera Resolution (Video)
    Not Applicable
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Built-in Mic
  • Water Resistance
  • Dust Proof
  • Number of Physical Buttons
  • Eco-friendly
  • Additional Functions
    Timer; Stopwatch; Guided Workouts; Golf Tracker; Biking
  • Physical Features
  • Case Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Case Colour
  • Band Material
  • Band Colour
  • Band Size
  • Adjustable Band
  • Removable Band
  • Clasp Type
  • Case Width
    2.20 cm
  • Case Thickness
    9.52 mm
  • Width
    2.20 cm
  • Height
    6.63 cm
  • Depth
    4.12 cm
  • Weight
    59 g
  • Warranty Labour
    1 Year(s)
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



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  • from Brockville, ON

Better than expected

I bought this band about 9 months ago, so I have been using it for a while. I got it for the sleep, steps, heart-rate and especially the golf. I didn't want to have separate devices for each. I was skeptical about wearing it as I don't like wearing any jewelry at all. Surprisingly, it is very comfortable and I wear it 24hrs a day except for charging which takes about an hour every day and a half. I have to charge my cell phone anyway, so they get charged at the same time. The steps, hear-rate and sleep work great! The golf is good in that it recognizes all of the courses, finds the tee-boxes and greens and records almost all of my swings automatically. It is not perfect though, as the distances it provides appear to be a little off sometimes, and it does have trouble locking in the gps at times, especially if the battery is low. All in all though, it works much better than I expected and it has the ability to continually update itself via my phone and it can add more apps as they become available. It gives me my phone texts on my band and lets me know when I have phone calls. It even tells time

  • from Toronto, ON

Microsoft Band 2

Love it. Has everything I need and has great functionality. Two shortcomings: - cortana doesn't work on android phone - software updates have caused issues requiring me to re-install Microsoft Health

  • from Montréal, QC

Le bracelet montre des traces d'usure rapidement, mauvaise syncro

Le bracelet est déjà tout usé en quelques semaines. Depuis la mise à jour d'Android pour Marshmallow, je n'arrive plus à synchroniser mes SMS. Très décevant. Le service à la clientèle de microsoft est très bien, le personnel est très aimable, malgré qu'il ne parle pas français. Ils m'ont répondu à qu'il devrait y avoir une mise à jour de la montre bientôt pour régler le problème, mais ça fait déjà plus d'un mois et rien n'est réglé. Très décevant.

  • from Red Deer

Great Product

This is my first experience with a fitness tracker/smart watch. Wasn't sure I was going to like it, but it's great. It constantly looks at your heart rate, which is great for work outs. And the sleep monitor works very well also. If you're looking for a smart watch or fitness tracker, it's hard to beat all the functions of this one, and the price point is definitely worth it.

  • from Québec, QC

Not there yet

I had read about the Band 1 not being a well-developed product and the Band 2 really was a big cut above ... that might be so BUT ... I have used heart rate watches for some time now and I am not impressed by this Band 2 product. First, it is really is NOT accurate. GPS tracks me behind a good 800m on a 10KM. So I can’t use the Band 2 for this function. Heart rate is also a problem. It is also below my true pace (I know my heartrate by heart). In addition, it only tracks the heartrate a few times per minute so there are many periods of catching up (for example, when I do intervals, my heartrate is around 160 and the band 2 shows 124. Then, it picks-up my rate and plays catch-up to 160). Very inaccurate for anyone who uses the pulse reader. Another problem is the synchronization between the band 2 and the phone application, it's really not great. Sometimes it appears to sync but does not see the workout I completed 2 or 3 hours ago. My conclusion: If the Band 2 is not even capable of doing features that they advertise to sell the watch, I think that other features like sleep tracking are showing improvised data as well. A very disappointing toy.

  • from Québec, QC

Not there yet

I had read about the Band 1 not being a well-developed product and the Band 2 really was a big cut above ... that might be so BUT ... I have used heart rate watches for some time now and I am not impressed by this Band 2 product. First, it is really is NOT accurate. GPS tracks me behind a good 800m on a 10KM. So I can’t use the Band 2 for this function. Heart rate is also a problem. It is also below my true pace (I know my heartrate by heart). In addition, it only tracks the heartrate a few times per minute so there are many periods of catching up (for example, when I do intervals, my heartrate is around 160 and the band 2 shows 124. Then, it picks-up my rate and plays catch-up to 160). Very inaccurate for anyone who uses the pulse reader. Another problem is the synchronization between the band 2 and the phone application, it's really not great. Sometimes it appears to sync but does not see the workout I completed 2 or 3 hours ago. My conclusion: If the Band 2 is not even capable of doing features that they advertise to sell the watch, I think that other features like sleep tracking are showing improvised data as well. A very disappointing toy.

  • from Welland, ON

Fantastic watch, but the band..

Had this watch for 2 months, the bad is now tearing off from the face. Otherwise i have no complaints very good

  • from Toronto, ON

Excellent Fitness Watch with a few bonus apps

This is an excellent fitness watch due to it's built in heart rate monitor, GPS and separate apps for running, cycling, and general exercise (weights, yoga, stairs, elliptical, rowing). So, this is for you if you like using Strava or other services to track your performance. Note: The heart rate monitor is good for most fitness activities. However, it doesn't completely replace a chest strap. I find the wrist measured heart rate is accurate to about 155bpm. After that it can get flakey but I understand that is a limitation of all wrist / optical heart rate measurements. The sleep app is probably the measurement that changed my life most. It measures your resting heart rate, sleep patters and time in restful sleep. As with most Microsoft products (phone, watch, tablets), they don't have a robust app store. The basics are covered with mail, text, phone, calendar, and weather. However, you won't be doing your banking or controlling your thermostat on this. Add bonus is Cortana and built in mic. So, you can talk to your watch to send texts or give commands to your phone. Highly recommend!

  • from Calgary, AB

Good function but bad quality

I bought MS band 2 on Apr 05 2016 and return on Apr 23 2016 because quality issue. This band has very good function, such as heart rate, calorie burn, and sleep quality...all very useful and accurate, I also love the Bluetooth connect cell phone. But it also has big weakness, the short battery life and not waterproof. For me, I got problem is the galvanic skin sensor point off, it just a very small medal sheet, used glue stick to the base. I don't know why it easy off in just wearied 10 days. I returned it and waiting for Band 3, hope MS improve the item quality.

  • from Barrie

Good purchase

I bought this 5 months ago after a heart attack, primarily to monitor my heart rate during runs and work outs. At the time I tried out both this and the Fitbit for a week and kept the band. I find it's quite accurate, easy to wear all day, and like its look. The health app and web site is quite good too. It has been a good purchase.

  • from Markham, ON

Fantastic...just don't stray too far from power

Band 2 is amazing. I have had Fitbit and Nike Fit in the past and this is light years better. The Microsoft Health app has amazing and intuitive detail. I think this would be even better with a Windows phone, but it is fantastic on an iPhone. The battery is the only disappointment. I use the gps function for an hour a day, and I need to charge daily. It recharges very quickly, however.

  • from Saskatoon, SK

Best smart watch on the maktet for the price

I purchased it from Best Buy for [price] and they are fantastic! now they are [sale price] and I have no regrets paying the higher price. But at [sale price] this is a great deal for what it does. I Started with a Fitbit and it does not come close. thanks to Best buy 30 day return policy I took it back and the sales associate sold me on the Microsoft Band 2, Thank You. Three months later I love it as much as the day I got it.

  • from Montague, PE

OK but better with a Windows Phone

Many of the features many apps, Cortana, voice recognition are only available if you use a Windows Phone. There are a few Android apps and the MS Health website is nice. The band is a nice design the clasp is too bulky thicker than the screen is so I find it more comfortable wearing the screen on the inside of my wrist. I can't imagine who would wear a medium or small I am not a big guy yet I nearly max out the band on the large size. UV sensor is on the clasp end not the screen end so you have to point your wrist at the sky to get a reading UV is not a continuous reading on demand when you select the UV app. Skin temperature is not viewed in any of the Microsoft Health readings shown it's just used as part of the calculations of other apps and I think part of the calories used calculations, with galvanic sensor as well. Disappointing it isn't used in the sleep tile calculations. Pros: nice AMOLED screen, magnetic lock to charge, sleep app is detailed Cons: Charge time is long, charge lasts only 24 hours not 48 hours as claimed, many apps Windows Phone only, Cortana Windows Phone only

  • from St.catharines

Satisfied customer

I've been looking to buy a smartwatch for the past 2 years .. I'm a dedicated Apple I phone and I was looking at the Iwatch , but the price .. Starting at 500 just wasn't sure if a accessory for a phone was worth more then the phone in some cases .. So I did some research and it lead me to the Microsoft fitness band 2 .. Lot of people complain that it's too bulky .. I actually think it looks pretty cool , it's got a good display .. Pretty up to date with nice features .. But here's the most important point it actually does what it's suppose to do .. I would say best fitness tracker , this band actually becomes part of your life.. Only drawback is battery life isn't as great as I would want it to be but you can go through a whole day with 1 charge , and the gps has a hard time acquiring a signal .. At 329.99 it's pricey for a fitness tracker/ notifier but for 229.99 just go get it .. Now!! .. What are you waiting for ?

  • from Langley, BC

great wrist band

I gave this band a 5 star rating because it does a lot. If you own Microsoft devices it works seamlessly between them. Only complaint is the battery life..... only 1-1-1/2 days.

  • from Calgary, AB

So far so good

My wife and I bought two MS bands about a few weeks ago now. So far, they've been amazing. The step count and other measurements seem very accurate (unlike the fitbits that I've seen so far that seem to double/triple every measure), the band is IMO good looking. The sleep tracking could be both automatic and manual and the band itself is rather customizable. Oh and I like receiving notifications and the ability to reply to text messages from the band (I have a windows phone so I'm not sure if that's a wp only feature or not). The only couple of cons so far I suppose is the battery life (mine lasts about 2 days easily but I still want more) and Microsoft Health app (it's not bad but it's just meh, I'm sure it could be made more pretty or functional).

  • from Tecumseh, ON

Great Activity tracker / smartwatch

I recently was browsing through best buy for activity tracker or smartwatch.. I was tossing up the idea of owning a Samsung Gear S2 since I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge phone. but after analyzing over the options you get with the Microsoft Band 2 and for the price.. ($100 off when I purchased it) it was a no brainer for what I needed it to do. Fitness tracking at it's best.. HR is great and accurate. Steps are somewhat inaccurate since I always fidget at my desk but overall is excellent. Exercise is my favorite, I workout 6-7 days a week and always wondered about HR during exercise and calories burned, and it tracks it flawlessly, and the software (health dashboard) is excellent for reviewing other health metrics.. I can't wait to use the golf and running feature although I heard it drains the battery faster when using the GPS I will find out this weekend.

  • from Ottawa, ON

massive, but surprisingly comfortable

I've recently tried the Fitbit Charge HR, the Jawbone UP3, and the MS Band 2. I primarily wanted the step counter, resting HR, sleep monitor, and smart alarm. The Fitibit Charge HR, in addition to not having a smart alarm function, turned out to be a poor step counter. The fit & finish on the item was horrible. Didn't work well and ugly as hell on my wrist. Returned it. The Jawbone UP3 is very aesthetically pleasing, looks more like a friendship bracelet than an activity tracker. Step counter, passive HR, sleep monitor, and smart alarm all worked fairly well. My only real complaint was that the strap, if not worn really tightly, would unlatch itself - it is strictly held on by tension, not a clip or a magnet. It would regularly fall off at night, or when taking off a jacket or sweater. Returned it. The MS Band 2 is HUGE. Worn the way they recommend (face down) the clasp is not pretty on the outside of your wrist. However, it latches completely securely, the sensors work well even when worn loosely around the wrist, and it is surprisingly comfortable. And of course, it has many, many additional sensors and features over the other two. This one is a keeper.

  • from Victoria, BC

Great device

Does what it's supposed to do, battery lasts quite long, comfortable to wear, great support software. Would recommend it for sure.

  • from Kamloops, BC

Very Impressed

The product does exactly what it says it can do. I use it mostly for fitness/health and sleep tracking and it is way more than I expected. It has a ton of potential and if they continue to upgrade the software and available apps it will only get better! Nice job Microsoft!

  • from Oakvolle, ON

best fitness watch

this is the best fitness watch if you are looking for actual fitness tracker. this watch covers all of ur fitness requirements along with so many apps. as my exp this is worth money

  • from La Prairie, QC

All rounded device...

The MSband2 is a very useful device. It lets me know when i get phone calls, texts (smartwatch features). The band offers additional tiles that you can download from the phone app. However, the tiles aren't very useful to me (ie, tile for sports team news, goldsgym motivational stories...) Not too many selections really. What's awesome though are the following: Download or create guided workouts, track your steps, calories, heart rate, sleep, uv exposure, miles walked, gps for running, cycling. Then, with all your tracked data (which gets uploaded via the phone app to a web platform), you can view very granular details and compare yourself to others in your age group! The data comparison is extremely motivational! The bad: it's not a 100% accurate device. Steps calculated are not accurate neither is the heart rate monitor (compared with my polar chest strap device) which is about -15 bpm off. As a consequence, calories burned are also not accurate. (Expect ~40 calories less then what you actually burned during a 20 minute workout with an accurate heart rate average of 150) In Conclusion, the MSband 2 is a great device. I would definitely recommend it to keep a baseline of your health. No device is a 100% accurate, however, some are more accurate than others (Chest straps are more accurate). If you don't require a 100% accuracy in data (for those who are not professionally competing) then this device is outstanding.

  • from North Vancouver, BC

One of the best band out there

In my opinion, if anyone is looking for band then this one is the best to try. I have bought in boxing day deal so it was even better priced. So far using is during Gym and other time. Response is good, measurements from HR and other sensors seems to be accurate.

  • from Toronto, ON

No need to waste money on other devices

If you want a smart watch that you can use to retrieve and respond to messages, check weather, appointments, control streaming music etc. This does it. If you want a fitness tracker that can keep track of activity, health metrics, guided workouts etc. This does it. Basically it does the best of both worlds with little compromise. Overall, a class-leading device.

  • from Nepean, ON


I did a lot of research beforehand, and the Microsoft Band 2 is clearly the best fitness band out there. And every month, there are updates to the firmware to further expand its repertoire of features. Just 2 days ago, Microsoft added the ability to control music on the band. The fitness features are second to none.

  • from Toronto, ON

Stylish & comfortable

Works well with android or iphone, but can only link to one phone at a time, and if you change phones, device must be reset , good thing the data syncs to the cloud so won't loose that. The gps is sometimes slow. Love the aps and ambient time mode.

  • from Stittsville, ON

Amazing Fitness Band

The Microsoft Band 2 works flawlessly. Very comfortable to wear - although more comfortable for me to wear the screen on the inside of the wrist. The fitness tracking is second to none. And the app (Microsoft Health) is amazing. In fact, if you log into the dashboard, there is even more info - such as VO2 max readings. Battery life is good (2 days in my experience). However, no swimming or showering with it. Incidental contact with water is fine as it has a rating of IP67. Other bands with GPS do not have the same features, such as the Garmin Vivoactive or Fitbit Surge. However, the Vivoactive requires a separate chest strap for heart rate monitoring. And the Surge, apart from being huge in size has only a monochrome display and lacks sensors prevalent in the Band 2 (UV, galvanic skin, altimeter). Plus notifications/connectivity with the Surge is limted (only calls and text messages). No Facebook, Twitter, email, calendar notifications, like the Band 2.

  • from Nanaimo, BC

Beautiful device!

Elegant looking band, high end feel. Screen is crisp and smooth, no lag when using the touch screen. Amazing amount of sensors for size of product. Wish there was an App that would change the way the time appears, would like to see it come from top to bottom. This would be easier to read. Overall love this band!

  • from Vancouver, BC

Great fitness -ocused smartwatch

I've been using the Band 2 while cycling for past few days, and compared to my garmin 510, it is been very accurate. The GPS is slightly slow to lock on (20-30 seconds), but not as bad as some reviews I've seen. The highlight of the Band has been the smartwatch notifications. It is great to have messages from my iPhone buzz on my wrist while cycling or while my phone is packed away. Although something so small has limitations, both with the interface and with the battery time, over-all, I'm pretty impressed with Microsoft's efforts. It looks great, feels great, and works well as a fitness band and notification hub.

  • from Vancouver, BC

Excellent smartwatch

Purchased the MB2 on day 1. Setup was easy with Microsoft Health app. Functions exactly as described. Works with iPhone 6s and synchronizes with Apple Health app. Very comfortable to wear for extended time and through sleep (sleep tracker). Battery is excellent and got 30 hours without issue. Heart rate is accurate and quick to analyze. Only downside is cannot dismiss notifications when using iPhone but I'be created a ticket for Microsoft to address. Overall personal best reviewed smartwatch of 2015.

  • from Kitchener, ON

pretty powerful device with lots of function

Pretty powerful device with lots of function. The only complain would be the screen designed a little awkward to look at when wear it out side the wrist.

  • from Bolton, ON

Android phone connectivity didn't work

Phone had to be returned to Microsoft - still waiting for and update 5 days later.

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