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July 02, 2015
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Light up your life, wherever you go
Philips Hue Go unlocks the power of colour and light everywhere

Completely portable, with ultimate control: that's Philips Hue Go. This connected light works indoors, outdoors, and anywhere in between, letting you create charming atmospheres and beautiful ambiance at the touch of a button.

Portability, connectivity, and control make Philips Hue Go creatively fun and actively usable. It's a light that illuminates your space, can be carried by hand, adding colour and beauty to any event, from parties to a simple, relaxing evening. It's simple to control both with and without a smart device, and it blends seamlessly into your home lighting setup. It even integrates with other members of the Philips Hue family.

That Philips Hue Go can display colours from a choice of over 16 million...

Take your ambiance with you
Philips Hue Go goes where you go

Lighting spaces in creative ways is both fun and easy with Philips Hue Go! This fully configurable and controllable connected light plugs into power anywhere, giving you bright, beautiful white or coloured light ... whenever you want, wherever you want. The real power of Hue Go is when you unplug it and it becomes a portable light that can go with you in and around your home ... both inside and out!

Hue Go can go anywhere, letting you create ambiance that you'll love, wherever you are. Hue Go consumes power in a smart way, dimming slightly when on battery to provide maximum battery life, so you can enjoy it in more places and spaces. While it's not waterproof, it is designed to handle high humidity, so it can be enjoyed inside and out, even in hot Canadian summers.

Light that you control
Get amazing colours and dynamic effects

You can control your Philips Hue Go wirelessly right from your smartphone; both Android and iOS can control the light through the Philips Hue app or other compatible third party applications. Hue Go is a personal wireless light that allows you to control your lighting, your way. Set timers--to turn it on and off; Create alerts to let you know it's raining outside or if your favourite team has scored; or Alarms to gradually wake you up in the morning, just like the sunrise. Hue Go also has 5 natural dynamic effects making it easy to enjoy a flow and mix of colours, like "living light" and "Zen moment."

Don't have a smartphone nearby? Not a problem: you can control Hue Go with controls that are built right into the light itself. Tap the button to browse through seven preset light settings that cover a range of uses.

The portable, connected light
Seamlessly working with all of your Philips Hue lights

Hue Go plays well with other members of the Philips Hue family. It integrates easily into your existing Philips Hue network; all you have to do is add it in and sync it with your Philips Hue bridge. (If you are new to Philips Hue, getting started is easy. You will need a Hue Starter kit that contains the Hue bridge, install the Hue app, plug in the Hue bridge and connect to your Wi-Fi router. You are on your way.)

With up to three hours of battery life and easy plug and play installation, Hue Go gives you complete control, both on its own and as part of your network. It's a fun, beautiful way to add more colour to your life, wherever you go!

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