Batteur sur socle de Breville - 4,7 L - 550 W - Acier inoxydable

  • Modèle n° : BREBEM800XL
  • Code Web : 10147418
299,99 $


Quels que soient vos besoins, ce robot-batteur de Breville est capable de tout. Grâce à la puissance de 550 watts, à la rotation planétaire, ainsi qu'aux 12 vitesses et fonctions, il possède les ressources pour créer des plats formidables.

En savoir plus

  • La rotation planétaire veille à ce que les ingrédients soient parfaitement incorporés
  • Bol à mélanger de 5 pintes en acier inoxydable
  • 12 vitesses et fonctions avec témoin DEL
  • 550 watts
  • Minuterie de 10 minutes
  • Écran verseur, batteur plat, fouet à fil, crochet pétrisseur, spatule et fouet métallique

Contenu de la boîte?

  • Batteur sur socle de Breville
  • Manuel
  • Pièces

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  • Main-d’œuvre -1 an

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  • deFredericton, NB
  • nov. 22, 2015


Received this as a gift. Within a few months, it started to speed-up to max speed without warning. They replaced it outright. Roughly 14 months later, it started smoking while using the dough hook. Was informed I am past the one year warranty, therefore best they can do is pay shipping to a qualified Breville fixer. My cost to fix. I maybe use the mixer once a month. So looking at $20 + per use. I still have my mother's Sunbeam mixer from 1967. Works like a charm. Doesn't have a dough hook, but I guess I'll live. Certainly not sinking more money into this company.

  • deBurnaby, BC
  • nov. 02, 2015

Very happy with it

I order and Kitchenaid artisan stand mixer from Amazon. It was very noisy and I only got high speed and could not get any low speed from it. so I returned and found this Breville stand mixer on sale at Best Buy. With the same price I paid for the Kitchen aid I got 4 different beaters and an extra 3 quarts ss bowl with it's own special scraper beater. I had this mixer for 3 weeks, I had tried using it to make bread, cakes. it is a quieter machine and the results were great and I am very happy with it. I should have a stand mixer much sooner. overall I think it is a better machine than Kitchenaid, I am glad I make this choice.

  • deToronto, ON
  • oct. 05, 2015

A very good machine

My wife has been using this machine (Breville 550 Watt Stand Mixer BREBEM800XL) practically every other day for one month. My wife is a very picky person, but she is very happy with this mixer. The machine is powerful yet quiet, and is very easy to operate. The workmanship is excellent.

  • deBurnaby, BC
  • sept. 18, 2015

If my wife's happy, I'm happy. ('Nuff said.)

My wife's a professionally trained cake maker. So when she says this Breville mixer is awesome and deserves all the stars in the universe, I know it's true.

  • deWoodbridge, ON
  • janv. 01, 2015

5 stars for sure!

The fifth star won't light up! I bought this mixer bc I wanted to make foods that needed a lot of kneading! This thing is wonderful! It kneads very well and mixes very very well too! I swear this thing is like a little tank! It can go on and on forever! It is very quiet and powerful. I do not need the extra attachments so therefore am very happy with 3 that came with it. I was considering buying a kitchen aid but for price was really expensive! After I googled on the mixers, I read this was the best for durability and price. I'm glad I bought it. Trust me you will love it as much as I do!

  • deOttawa, ON
  • déc. 22, 2014

FInally we have a mixer that works!!!

After about three different Kitchenaide machine we decided to switch brands. Breville had good reviews so we decided to try. Our concerns (like dough getting into hooks or leaving flour at the bottom) are no longer there. Our last machine would jump so much we had to hold it, the pin holding the arm would come off. Breville worked on all types of cakes, like a charm! Nothing left in the bowl, the scrapper is a good idea. Finally well functioning machine. Good design!!! Thank you Breville!!!

  • deVancouver, BC
  • déc. 20, 2014

Breville 550W stand mixer ordered online

Used this twice to make a chocolate swirl cheesecake. First time I had four blocks of Phili cream cheese and everything was ok. Second time I used 2.5 blocks. I had to turn off the machine a few times in order to remove the cream cheese stuck inside the whisk attachment. After a few times of lifting up the top part, the locking mechanism no longer worked. Also, the dial used to turn on and elect speed started to malfunction, it would not work at all. I had to exchange this for another. Hopefully this one works. Otherwise, I will stick to a hand held mixer, which has never had any issues.

  • dePointe- claire
  • déc. 07, 2014

Dream machine

I have had this stand mixer for a week. It is a Dream to use it breezes thought anything you want to mix. Cakes, bread ,muffins anything you want to make this mixer can handle it. Love the Breville stand mixer. It has a 10 min countdown timer. It also keeps track how long you have been mixing when you stop mixing and then restart the mixer the timer starts again very cool. Has 4 attachments. Easy to clean the cord Retractsback into the base. I would give it five stars. Can't get the fifth star to light up?

  • dePointe- claire
  • nov. 29, 2014

Outstanding mixer

I just bought this mixer best mixer ever .breville makes the best products. This mixer being one of them it has 12 speeds a pause and 4 attachments. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Amazing machine 550 watts of power

  • deMontréal, QC
  • févr. 11, 2014

very functional

so great mixer. Have only had this mixer for a short period of time, I tried for heavy duty and it is work correctly.

  • deOttawa, ON
  • févr. 04, 2014

Nothing beats (yes, pun intended) this machine!!

I have used and own several mixers of both varieties (hand and stand), but there is nothing on the market that can surpass this baby. Breville builds their small appliances like little tanks I swear! Not only is this quite sturdy but quiet and does any job you throw into it really really well. If you are not looking to spend hundreds of dollars for add-ons like the other popular brand offers, THIS is THE one to buy!! Just a side note for someone who doesn't want something so large? I also own Breville's hand mixer and it's does a great job too if you are looking for something simple and quick. I cannot say enough about this brand as I now own eight (and counting!) Breville appliances and have not had a single problem with any of them!!

  • deToronto, ON
  • nov. 08, 2013

Better than kitchenAid

Great mixer. The scraper attachment makes everything easy! It would be even better if the attachment part can be lifted by one hand. Perhaps the locking button can be implemented into the lifting handle.

  • dePicton, ON
  • oct. 22, 2013

Great mixer

Works well especially scrapper attachment, quiet. Some improvement could be made on the handle of the bowl.

  • dePicton, ON
  • oct. 22, 2013

Great mixer

Have only had this mixer for a short period of time and haven't had a chance to try it out on dough yet which am looking forward to trying. Mixed up my filling for my pumpkin pie using the scrapper attachment and it worked great. Machine worked very smoothly, and liked the quality. The only improvement would be on the handle of the bowl-it seems to be attached not very well and when washing water can enter where it is attached to the bowl.

  • deCampbell River, BC
  • mai 30, 2013

Better than kitchenaid mixer

I don't mean to bash kitchen-aid, they make great stuff - just that this mixer is superior in terms of power, design and quality. The only thing that it lacks is the ability to add ridiculously over priced attachments that you'll only use once. This unit is quiet, wickedly powerful, and very easy on the eyes. If you do your homework and read online reviews you'll see that this mixer is much easier to keep clean than a kitchen-aid, and we'll vouche for that. Comes with everything you need to get started and very user friendly.

  • deMississauga, ON
  • févr. 20, 2013

Great Mixer

A powerful mixer, got at a great discounted price. Simple in design but great power.