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Nintendo 3DS XL - Noir

  • Modèle n° : 3DS
  • Code Web : 10259544
  • Date de lancement : 11-08-2013
Autres options :
199,99 $


Plus, c'est toujours mieux, et la console 3DS XL de Nintendo correspond à cette affirmation. Les deux écrans sont 90 % plus grands que ceux de la console 3DS. Celui du haut affiche vos jeux avec des effets 3D amusants sans que vous ayez à porter de lunettes spéciales.

En savoir plus

  • La diagonale de l'écran du haut mesure 4,88 po et celle de l'écran du bas mesure 4,18 po pour une expérience de jeu qui vous en mettra plein la vue
  • Utilisez le stylet sur l'écran tactile du bas pour contrôler vos jeux, et utilisez l'écran du haut pour profiter des effets 3D que vous pouvez augmenter, réduire ou enlever totalement
  • Profitez de 6,5 heures d'utilisation pour les jeux en 3D et jusqu'à 10 heures pour les jeux DS standard en 2D
  • Le manche circulaire tournant sur 360° facilite la navigation
  • Les capteurs de mouvement et le gyroscope intégrés réagissent à vos mouvements quand vous penchez ou tournez la console
  • L'une des caméras est dirigée vers vous tandis que les deux autres sont orientées vers l'extérieur; ces deux dernières peuvent prendre des photos et filmer des vidéos en 3D.
  • Écoutez vos fichiers MP3 ou AAC avec le lecteur de la Nintendo 3DS.
  • La fonction StreetPass vous permet d'échanger des données de jeu avec d'autres systèmes, comme des cartes et des détails sur les personnages
  • La fonction SpotPass vous permet de vous connecter à des points d'accès ou à votre réseau domestique pour obtenir du nouveau contenu et des mises à jour
  • Fonction de contrôles parentaux intégrée.
  • Emplacement pour carte mémoire SD (carte mémoire SD de 4 Go incluse)
  • Cliquez sur l'onglet des spécifications pour de plus amples renseignements

Contenu de la boîte?

  • 4 GB SD Card
  • Stylus
  • Manual
  • AC Adaptor
  • AR Cards

Garantie du fabricant :

  • Pièces -1 an

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  • Jeux compatibles
    DS; 3DS
  • Ports pour manettes de jeu compatibles
    Gamepad Pro
  • Manettes incluses
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    Sans fil
  • Sortie vidéo
  • Sortie audio
    Casque d’écoute
  • Largeur
    4,7 cm
  • Hauteur
    13,3 cm
  • Profondeur
    21,9 cm
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    0,8 kg
  • Pièces sous garantie
    1 an



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  • deGatineau, QC
  • mai 23, 2015

Great console!

Definitely a must have handheld console. The graphics are quite lovely and you can actually see them very nicely on the larger screen. I think the bigger screen is a necessity, I've seen the regular size 3ds and the size just isn't as convenient, it's much easier to read things off the larger screen. The console itself feels very solid and I'm not worried about it getting damaged, I do think its important to get the screen protectors though, sometimes the stylus seems to want to scratch at times otherwise. Overall definitely a great purchase, love playing games on this!

  • deAjax, ON
  • janv. 31, 2015


For anyone who isn't in the market for the latest 3DS XL (the one with the C-stick), This is a great DS to get especially for anyone that is looking to get their first portable gaming device, or just opting to a newer one.

  • dePickering, ON
  • déc. 29, 2014

Pretty cool!

Way better than the DS although the games are a bit pricey and theres not really an amazing selection, but still pretty cool! Also you can play your DS games on here

  • deRichmond, BC
  • déc. 16, 2014


It's ok and I would recommend it but only on sale. the game selection isn't great since it's a handheld console and the 3d is only useful if you hate yourself and want a migraine. It works well for what it is although it has the standard terrible Nintendo controls and holding it for a long period of time is sure to give you cramps (though it might just be made for smaller hands). If you're going to buy this make sure you are going to get your moneys worth out of the games you are going to buy for it or else wait for it to go on sale.

  • deWinnipeg, MB
  • oct. 11, 2014

Great upgrade

This is a great upgrade from the original 3ds. It feels more comfortable to hold than the original and the larger screen is less straining in 3D mode. The battery life is excellent too.

  • deBrampton, ON
  • janv. 12, 2014


Very impressed with this unit, the biggest picture yet. The 3d is amazing! Highly recommended by my son! He just turned 14 and he was very impressed with all it could do.

  • deScarborough, ON
  • janv. 06, 2014

3DS XL vs. 3DS?

Love the console. It's just that i play it a lot in bed and holding it up hurts my palm after a while. I wish the design of it fit snuggly on my hands but maybe I should've bought the original one instead of the XL.

  • deCalgary, AB
  • déc. 21, 2013

Nintendo 3 DS

I bought it for my son,and he loved it

  • devancouver, bc
  • déc. 15, 2013


the big screen is awesome, and the black matte colour is so sleek!

  • deCalgary
  • nov. 03, 2013

Great little handheld

The only reason I picked this thing up was because I heard it had ocarina of time and star fox 64 (two of my favorite games from my childhood.) But I soon found myself just playing around with all the 3D content I could get my hands on. I ended up buying my first ever pokemon game as well. I can honestly say I have never been happier with a handheld purchase and I look forward to checking out all the games I have been missing out on the last few years.

  • deWaterloo, ON
  • oct. 22, 2013

Review Title

I just received the 3DS, and I am going to open up the package now and type my thoughts. - The package came way before it was expected (3 days early) - Opening the shipping bag, I immediately notice that the 3DS box is heavily damaged, 3 of the corners having very concerning dents - As I go to open it, I notice that there are 2 layers of tape on one of the ends, and upon closer inspection it appears that the box has been opened and re-sealed at some point (the bottom layer of tape has been cut, then re-taped) - Inside, I immediately look through the package of manuals, etc. There is a Club Nintendo card with code, a package of AR cards, quick start guides in English, French and Spanish, and a very hefty manual. There is also the AC adapter, and the 3DS - The 3DS itself is pretty nice, but one flaw is that if you are trying to connect to a network that requires a username and password (like a school network), it can't do it. It is a nice system, and is much better than the older DS models, but it has some things lacking. I would also recommend either the more expensive shipping option, or another store.