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Summer means renovating: make the time to redo your basement

by SamLawrence from 06-14-2015


My parents are using the hot months of the summer to redo their den. I have fond memories of the cool basement, so I'm happy to help. I'm glad Best Buy has all the upgrades we need!

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Klipsch Premium home theatre systems, personal audio equipment and wireless music solutions

Klipsch was founded in 1946 by audio pioneer Paul W. Klipsch. Dedicated to reproducing the sound of a live orchestra indoors, Klipsch speakers quickly revolutionized the home audio industry. Now a globally recognized industry leader, Klipsch sells premium home theatre systems, personal audio equipment and wireless music solutions that keep even the most dedicated audiophile grooving.

Home Theatre Systems

This is where it all started. With more than 65 years of development experience and cutting-edge research, Klipsch speakers deliver incredible precision and dynamic performance. Designs are based on the most advanced horn-loaded technology, and each speaker is carefully crafted with top of the line components that will shatter your notion of home entertainment. A full range of product offerings includes channel speakers, tower speakers, subwoofers and built-in options – everything you need to wire your house for extraordinary sound. With speakers this powerful, you’ll hear music the way it sounds on-stage.

Computer Speakers and Multimedia Systems

Having received continuous praise in the electronic industry for ground-breaking designs, Klipsch’s multimedia audio line continues to develop exceptional products. Delivering sound that can put other home theatre systems to shame, Klipsch computer speakers offer a PC audio upgrade that will transform your computer into an entertainment hub.

Personal Entertainment

A sound pioneer, Klipsch has a full line of personal audio devices designed to help the modern music lover enjoy their music collection all day. From award winning headphones and headsets to iPod/MP3 audio docks and wireless audio solutions, Klipsch has applied its technologically advanced audio principles to a full line of devices made for your enjoyment.

Power and Attention to Detail

Designed to fill any room with heart-pounding, breath-stopping sound, Klipsch products provide concert hall quality audio clearly and without distortion. Whether you’re watching an action movie or listening to your favourite album for the 312th time, the detail captured by Klipsch speakers lets you experience every tone and texture.