Photo of Best Buy Canada employees

Do you believe that you should be able to find and do just about anything online? Have you ever visited a website and thought, "I could have designed a better user experience than this!" If the answer is yes, then join on our E-Commerce team and help us give our online customers the experience you’d want – and one that will keep them coming back.


Working with stakeholders from across the company, eComm Business team members manage all the business aspects within Best Buy's high-ranking retail site. This team develops ideas that impact how millions of Canadians shop.

Inside the Software Development team, our architecture, design and coding experts work collaboratively to create a cross-channel (web, mobile, iOS & Android) eComm experience that is second to none.

Well-schooled in Web design and Photoshop? Members of the GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) team apply their creativity and skill to design our website to be attractive, continually fresh and easy to browse for our customers.

Content team members are experts at organizing, analyzing and updating content on the website in order to better speak to our customers. Good communication skills are a must!

On-time order delivery makes for happy customers. It's the responsibility of the Order Fulfillment team to make sure online orders are processed as efficiently as possible, while reducing the company’s risk through fraud prevention measures.

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