Acoustic Electric Hybrid


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Make yourself heard

With an acoustic electric guitar, you can enjoy the classic appearance and clear, bright sound of an acoustic guitar with the volume and power of an electric guitar. Check out Best Buy’s selection of acoustic electric guitars and makes your music stand out.

Best of both worlds

Acoustic guitars have that rich, classic sound that complements so many musical genres, while electric guitars take the lead with loud sonic power that demands attention. Acoustic electric guitars combine the best of both. They boast the look and sound of an acoustic guitar, but it’s taken up a notch with built-in pickups and electronics, so you can plug in for a louder, more powerful sound that’s perfect for performance.

Question the construction

Just like with a traditional acoustic guitar, the quality of your acoustic electric guitar depends on what it’s made from. Laminate top guitars, the less expensive option, are made from thin sheets of wood that are glued together, which provides a lower-quality sound. Solid top guitars are made from solid pieces of wood, which is more expensive but provides a much richer sound quality.

Amplify your sound

Acoustic electric guitars come with three built-in options to simplify amplification: active electronics, piezo saddle transducers, and dual source systems. Active electronics include a pickup that detects vibrations on the guitar’s bridge and body (a piezo transducer) as well as a battery-operated preamp. Piezo saddle transducers are lightweight pickups used with a built-in preamp, and dual source systems incorporate a piezo transducer and microphone inside the guitar body for optimal amplification.

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