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FAQ About Apple Watch and Accessories

Simply put, Apple Watch is a smart device on your wrist packaged so beautifully it rivals many high-end timepieces. The suave gadget makes no compromises with aesthetics and engineering, affirming Apple's unparalleled attention to its craft. It comes in 3 variations depending on the material of the case with a slew of accessories to complement your personal style. Take a gander at some commonly asked questions about this uber cool accessory.

Why buy Apple Watch?

As a personal device, Apple Watch is what you make of it. More than a handsome timepiece, it's a small computer strapped on your wrist so you're fashionably on the ball with the minute details of your digital life. A few clicks and you cut back on all the fiddling you normally do on your iPhone. Imagine the freedom of not having to constantly paw your iPhone when it vibrates in your pocket.

What are my Apple Watch choices?

Apple takes personal one step closer with customized looks. The entry-level Apple Watch Sport is geared for the fitness-oriented; hence it's the lightest watch in the series. It comes with a sweat-resistant custom silicone sports band in a slew of bright colours, as well as black and white. The midrange Apple Watch exudes casual elegance with its stainless steel case and strap variety, from leather to stainless steel, as well as the sports band version. For the discerning fashionista with cash to spare, Apple Watch Edition boasts an 18-karat gold casing in yellow or rose.

How does Apple Watch compare with Apple Watch Sport?

All Apple Watch models house exactly the same internals and are water resistant. The differences are cosmetic with certain uses in mind. Apple Watch Sport uses an aluminum alloy that's stronger than standard alloys and a strengthened Ion-X glass screen to resist scratches and impact, making it ideal for active pursuits. Apple Watch, the versatile version for everyday use, is crafted from refined stainless steel and a sapphire glass display to achieve its premium look without sacrificing durability.

How does Apple Watch and iPhone pairing work?

Apple Watch uses Bluetooth technology and pairs exclusively with a compatible iPhone. The smartwatch comes with built-in apps like Calendar, Activity, and Workout, but you can also sync third-party iPhone apps that work with Apple Watch. Bear in mind you need your iPhone in tow to use third-party apps. Without your phone nearby, you can wait to sync any data later.