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FAQ About Camera Batteries and Chargers

When you're happily snapping photos, the last thing you'd want is your digital camera battery to die. To avoid missed moments and forgotten memories, a spare battery, battery grip, or camera charger can be a lifesaver. Find out more about their benefits in these frequently asked questions about camera batteries and chargers.

When would I need a new camera battery?

Many digital cameras are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery. Having a spare one is a good idea, as it will save you the time of waiting for the drained battery to recharge. When you're embarking on a European getaway or shooting your best friend's wedding, an extra camera battery can ensure you won't miss out on any momentous photo ops. If your camera takes standard AA batteries, keep extras on hand to save you a trip to your local Best Buy store.

How long do digital camera batteries last?

The life of your camera battery will depend on various factors, including the type of camera and battery you have, and your shooting conditions. If you're recording video, shooting continuously, or using the flash or LCD screen, the battery will drain more quickly. When travelling, always pack your camera charger so you can capture memories throughout your entire vacation.

What is a battery grip?

A battery grip attaches to the bottom of your DSLR or mirrorless camera so you can add a second battery to your camera. Some come with a battery tray that allows you to use AA batteries as backup power. It provides a comfortable grip and may sport advanced features such as a shutter button or focus dial. These features will prove convenient when shooting certain types of photos such as portraits.

When should I consider a battery grip?

While a battery grip may seem like a monstrosity on your already-bulky camera, it can be a blessing when you're midway through a critical photo shoot and the primary battery runs out of juice. Continue shooting without swapping out the drained battery so you don't miss that precious moment when your 2-year-old finally smiles for the camera. If you're a pro photographer with large, heavy lenses, you'll find that a battery grip can balance out this weight.

When shopping for batteries, chargers, or battery grips at Best Buy, always check the compatibility with your camera or camcorder first.

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