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1 - 32 of 320

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Carry-on Luggage

These days it seems like airlines are charging ever-growing fees for check-in luggage, so finding the perfect carry-on luggage to pack your stuff into is more important than ever. Whether you're flying out for a ski vacation or taking a weekend road trip to the coast, you'll need to know what to look for when it comes to choosing the ideal carry-on bag.

What is carry-on luggage?

Simply put, "carry-on luggage" refers to a bag that's small enough to carry onto the plane and cram into an overhead compartment or under-seat space that never seems to be quite big enough.

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What are the essential features of carry-on luggage?

Here are six key features you should keep in mind when choosing the best carry-on luggage:

Size and Weight

In general, look for a bag that has maximum dimensions of 21 x 9 x 15 inches and you should be fine for most airlines. However, carry-on luggage needs to meet the airline's maximum size requirements so it's really important to check the airline's website to get the latest details before you purchase. After you've finished packing, use a scale to ensure it isn't heavier than the airline's rules.

Durable, Smooth Wheels

Unless you enjoy sore shoulder muscles from toting around a heavy bag, look for carry-on luggage with wheels. Two-wheeled models roll easily and are lighter, while four-wheeled bags are more stable and manoeuvrable in tight spaces (like airplane aisles).

Composite Fabrics and Surfaces

Nobody wants a bag that falls apart while you're rushing to catch a flight, so look for a bag made with ballistic-style fabrics and strong zippers. Hard shell designs do a better job of protecting your stuff, but soft shell bags are more flexible, lighter, and can come with useful external pockets.

Outside Pockets

When your kid's face is smeared with chocolate from his afternoon snack you'll be thankful you chose a bag with external pockets, which is the perfect place to store tissues and wipes. Outside pockets eliminate the need to dig through the main compartment when you need something right away.

Spacious Interior

Look for a carry-on luggage with lots of interior space, especially if you tend to over-pack or like to buy lots of souvenirs. Interior pockets are great for keeping all your gear and knick-knacks organized and easy to access.

Telescoping Handle

A sturdy, extendable handle is a must when you're wheeling a bag through the airport. If you're traveling with people of varying heights (i.e. kids), look for a bag with a handle that locks at different lengths.

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