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FAQ About Computer Cases

A computer case is crucial to consider if you want to assemble a new PC from scratch. Not sure how to find the best computer case? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions you may have.

What is a computer case and when would I need one?

A computer case is an enclosure that holds most of your computer's hardware. You'll need a PC case if you plan on building a custom computer.

What types of computer cases can I choose from?

Tower cases are popular options because many are built to accommodate motherboards with the ATX form factor. The ATX form factor allows you to change parts easily, which is important if you plan on upgrading your computer in the future.

Mini-tower cases fit in smaller spaces and are ideal if you're using an ATX micro motherboard. Mid-tower cases accommodate ATX motherboards and won't take up too much room either. If you want a gaming computer case, go for a full tower. Full-tower cases fit ATX motherboards too, but come with plenty of interior space so you can add large or multiple components to enhance your gaming experience.

What features should I look for when shopping for a computer case?

Make sure to find a case with enough drive bays, expansion slots, and front panel ports to satisfy your computing needs. Drive bays house storage drives like hard drives, optical drives, and solid state drives, while expansion slots fit video, sound, or graphics cards. If you have many peripheral devices to plug in, look for a case with plenty of front panel ports.

Contemplate your cooling options if you want your computer to stay cool and running at its full potential. Some cases come with built-in fans, while others allocate certain places to mount one or multiple fans. Keep in mind, the more fans you install, the noisier your computer will be.

Consider a tool-free case if it's your first time building a computer. This type of case lets you access the interior and secure most components without needing a screwdriver, making it easy to assemble your computer.

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