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Turn up the music

Best Buy stocks DJ gear from brands like Hercules, Pacemaker, and more so you can start mixing and sharing your music with the masses. Whether you want to brush up on your skills, entertain a few friends, or turn up the volume at your next big party, check out Best Buy’s online selection of DJ equipment and start spinning.

Play to the crowd
Almost every DJ needs a turntable to play their audio, whether it’s in a vinyl or digital format. Look for variables that will help you control your music, like pitch control, playback speed, and more. Some digital turntables feature platters that let you simulate spinning a record for optimal control and an additional cool factor.

Mixing it up
A DJ mixer is a console that connects and mixes audio sources so you can combine different music into your own unique creation. Look for an interface that suits your skill level and has the features you need to customize your sound, such as looping, audio effects, and fun-to-use apps. Make sure your device supports the different audio formats you will need, including mp3, FLAC, WAV and any other digital formats you work with.

On the move
If you’re always heading to gigs or want to make music on the go, look for DJ equipment that’s designed with portability in mind. Thanks to today’s digital technology, DJ gear doesn’t have to be heavy and awkward. Look for all-in-one units that combine the features of a mixer and turntable in one device. A mobile mixer that works with your Apple device is the ultimate on-the-go tool for any DJ, from beginners to pros.

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