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DSLR Packages: Everything You Need To Start Shooting

A starter kit of sorts for digital photography, a DSLR Package features a stellar DSLR camera as well as a variety of different accessories and essential tools that you need to capture the best possible photos. Best Buy stocks a diverse selection of DSLR packages so you can start shooting professional-level photographs as soon as possible.


If you want to get into DSLR photography, the most important decision you will make is which camera to buy. Top brands such as Nikon and Canon offer a wide range of cameras to choose from. Make sure you choose a camera that best fits your needs. While most DSLR cameras are designed to be easy to use, some Nikon and Canon cameras have upgraded features and controls best suited for an experienced photographer.


There is a wide range of lens types that can accompany your DSLR camera, and each one is designed to get that perfect shot. Standard lenses are great for everyday photography, while a wide-angle lens is best suited for group shots and landscape photography. A macro lens can shoot smaller subjects at a very close distance, and a telephoto lens is designed to capture far-away subjects.


Filters protect your lenses and optimize your photography so you can capture the image you want, no matter the situation. They can reduce the haze from UV light, improve the colour and saturation of your photos, and help you take more realistic images in less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

All the extras

Tripods help reduce blur for extra crisp images. Even pushing the shutter button can cause camera movement, so a tripod is an essential tool to avoid shaky camerawork. A selection of compatible digital memory cards means you don’t have to stop shooting just because you ran out of memory. If you want to take your camera to different locations, you should also look into a secure carrying bag for your camera and accessories.

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