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Turn Up the Heat

Heaters can be used seasonally or year-round to make your home more comfortable. They are perfect for warming up a room that doesn’t get enough central heating, or for people who want a little extra warmth without heating up the whole house. Whether you are looking for an electric fireplace or a compact, portable space heater, Best Buy has a range of heaters to choose from that will suit your needs.

Match your space

Convection heaters are energy efficient and ideal for large living spaces that are used often. Fan heaters are good for focused heat in a small room. Radiant heaters use infrared rays to produce heat, so they don’t make any noise and are suitable for providing warmth to one individual. Baseboard heaters offer consistent heat ideal for large rooms, while tower heaters provide more direct heat.

An electric fireplace is an ideal option for heating large living areas. While they require more involved installation, they are cleaner and safer than a real fireplace and offer much of the same ambience. Electric fireplaces with cool-touch glass are ideal for homes with pets and small children, and electric fireplace inserts let you customize the look of your fireplace to match your home.

Power source

An electric heater turns electricity into heat, and the higher the watts, the more heat it can produce. Electric heaters can be used in enclosed areas without venting and are generally safer to use than gas heaters. Gas heaters use natural gas to create heat energy. Unlike electric heaters, they will work during a power outage and heat up more quickly.

Odds and ends

If you want to move your heater from room to room or take it up to the cabin for the weekend, look for a compact model with an easy-to-grip handle. Different safety features include cool-touch housing, tip-over switches, automatic shut off, and fire-resistant construction. Another great feature is an automatic timer, which lets you enjoy a warm room when you wake up without having to leave the heat on all night.

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