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FAQ About Mirrorless Camera Lenses

So you got yourself a mirrorless camera, or you're in the market to pick one up. One of the coolest things about mirrorless cameras is the lenses can be swapped out, allowing you to choose the perfect lens for any shooting situation. Keep reading for answers to some common questions regarding mirrorless camera lenses so you can pick the perfect one (or ones) for your needs.

What are mirrorless camera lenses?

Simply put, mirrorless camera lenses are lenses specifically designed to work with mirrorless cameras. Best Buy carries a wide range of lenses for mirrorless cameras from a variety of different camera brands.

What are the advantages of mirrorless camera lenses?

Since most mirrorless cameras are designed to be compact and easy to carry around, their lenses are similarly smaller and portable. This makes the lenses (and camera) easier to bring with you no matter where your photographic adventures take you. You won't have to sacrifice size for quality because mirrorless camera lenses give you the high-quality imagery you'd expect from DSLR-grade equipment.

Speaking of DSLRs, can I use DSLR camera lenses on a mirrorless camera?

In some cases, yes! Depending on the manufacturer, certain DSLR lenses can attach to a mirrorless camera with the help of an adapter. It's best to do some research on your specific manufacturer and model, just to make sure.

What types of mirrorless camera lenses are available?

Mirrorless camera lenses are available in wide-angle, telephoto, and standard formats. You can also get macro lenses and camera filters that'll help you tap into your creative side and transform your imagination into reality.

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