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Everything You Need to Make the Most of a Playstation 3

Sony’s PlayStation 3 (or PS3) was released in 2006, and was subsequently updated with Slim and then Super Slim models. Considered by many to be the most powerful game console of its generation, the PS3 was equipped with a multi-core Cell processor, with Nvidia RSX graphics output. Maximum resolution is 1080p. A key feature of the PS3 was its built-in Blu-ray drive, which made it popular as a Blu-ray movie player. The console has Bluetooth 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 20, HDMI 1.4, Wi-Fi and a user-replaceable hard drive. PlayStation 3 production ended in 2017.

Best PS3 Games (and Can You Play Them on The PS4)?

The PS3 was a popular game console and that means thousands of games were released during its production run. Some of the most popular PS3 games include entries in the God of War, Grand Theft Auto, Uncharted and Fallout series. With the large number of consoles still in use, popular titles continue to be released for this game console, including Minecraft, and FIFA 19.

Games for Sony’s PlayStation 4 console cannot be played on the PlayStation 3. The PS4 also can’t play PS3 games. However with the PlayStation Now service, PS4 owners have online access to a library of PlayStation 3 game titles.

PS3 Remotes, Controllers and Accessories

Sony released the DualShock Wireless Controllers 3 with the PlayStation 3. Available in a variety of colours, they feature Sixaxis motion sensing technology, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and an integrated rechargeable battery. They can be recharged and operated using the PS3’s USB ports. A wide range of third party wireless controllers are available for the PlayStation 3.

The company also released the Sony PS3 Blu-ray remote, reflecting the console’s popularity as a Blu-ray player, and like the DualShock controllers, there are third party alternatives to Sony’s original.

Speciality Controllers Including PlayStation Move

The popularity of the PS3 and the wide range of games available for the console meant a wide variety of speciality controllers were also released, including racing wheels and musical instrument replicas.

In 2010 Sony introduced the PlayStation Move for the PS3. The system included a PlayStation Eye motion tracking camera and PlayStation Move wireless controllers. With the PlayStation Move, PS3 owners are able to play video games that support motion tracking.

PS3 Headsets

Like any console, playing games on the PlayStation 3 can benefit from the use of a headset. Wired and wireless options are available, offering improved audio, privacy and chat capabilities.