PlayStation 4 Accessories


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Get next-level entertainment with PS4 accessories

Whether you're launching a counter-attack, racing for fame and glory, or frustratingly trying to defeat the final boss for the umpteenth time, PlayStation 4 accessories can give you the advantage you need to win, conquer, or pwn.

Controllers, cables, and power

Casual gamers who aren't looking for anything fancy will be content with a regular controller. But, if you play multiplayer games, there's a variety of PS4 accessories you should consider: extra wireless controllers, a charging station or dock for the controllers, or longer charging cables. Also, battery packs for your controllers give you more playtime on a single charge.

Specialty controllers

While any game can be played with a regular controller, specialty controllers offer more tactile control or true-to-life handling than an ordinary controller. Specialty controllers include accessories such as arcade sticks for beat-em-ups; chat pads for easy communication; driving wheels, gearbox shifters, and foot pedals for fans of racing games; and media remotes for those who use their PS4 for movies and music.

Hard drives

Games, movies, and music all take up space on the PS4's hard drive. A replacement or external hard drive can expand the storage capacity so you can enjoy all of your favourite media without having to constantly clear off old content.

Skins, cases, and faceplates

Gamers enjoy showing off their love of their favourite game, character, or faction. Skins, cases, and faceplates let you personalize and customize your PS4 so you can show everyone who is the biggest fan.


There are other PS4 accessories that can add versatility and functionality to your system. A vertical stand lets you securely stand your PS4 on its side without worrying about it falling over. The PlayStation Camera adds great functionality to games and has a built-in mic so you can use the PS4 voice commands to control your system.

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