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Create a High-Speed Network

When you want to enjoy the Internet at home, creating a network is a cinch. We’ve got routers, range extenders, powerline adapters, wireless USB adapters, and more that will help you build the ultimate home network so you can share the connection with every device in your home.

Powerline Adapters

To get a fast and solid Internet connection into any room in your home, a powerline adapter does the trick. You just plug one adapter into an AC outlet and connect it to your modem or router and then another in the room that needs a connection – it uses your home’s electrical wiring to deliver blazing-fast network speeds making it perfect for basic or bandwidth-heavy tasks like gaming or streaming HD videos.

Range Extenders

If you’ve got a wireless router set up in your home, but you’re finding that some areas in the house have a weak signal, a range extender might be what you need. These devices connect to a power source and should be set up in a spot that’s halfway between your router and the area where you’re trying to get a better signal. The extender will pick up your router’s signal and extend your range into other areas of your home.

Wireless Routers, USB adapters, and more

Building a wired or wireless network in your home can be a snap, as long as you’ve got the right tools. A wired or wireless router and modem will help you create a solid Internet connection with help from your service provider, while a USB adapter can give your non-WiFi devices the power to access that network.

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