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A Quick Look at Screen Protectors

Your cell phone screen is the window to the dynamic features accessible within. It’s the way you watch the latest videos or the most recent photos you shot. It’s what you tap on to navigate your way around the operating system. Protecting it is important to ensuring you don’t damage what is perhaps the most delicate part of a phone.

Protecting Your Phone Screen

Phone screens are now built to be more durable than ever before, especially those sporting Gorilla Glass or what Apple uses for its latest iPhones. Strong as they may be, they aren’t bulletproof, shatterproof or even scratchproof.

Screen protectors come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials. Sheets of glass have grown in sophistication over the last few years, supporting more devices in the process. Some are also coated with film to add some privacy by dulling any viewing angle.

Most phones have oleophobic coating to limit how much fingerprints smudge and blemish the screen, and screen protectors tend to have the same level of protection. Tap on the screen and it will feel like nothing is there.

Glass Protectors

Tempered glass has emerged as the primary glass protector for phones today. Thin, light and durable, these are usually cut to accommodate the phone screen you’re protecting right out of the box. The thinness of the glass, coupled with the adhesive underneath, should fuse well with the phone’s display to look seamless and feel natural.

Glass protectors are especially adept at eliminating any minor scratches or chips onto your phone’s actual display. The protector takes the brunt of any wear and tear while your phone’s screen retains its pristine gloss below.

Pair a glass screen protector with a tough case, and your phone will have protection all around in case of an accidental fall.

Extra Privacy

Sometimes, you want to avoid an invitation to prying eyes. Certain screen protectors have film or another material inside tinting the view, so that only you can see the screen in front of you. Others looking at an angle wouldn’t be able to see anything you’re viewing because of the filter coating.

Beyond the privacy involved, another advantage is that the extra tint can make it easier to view your phone’s screen in sunlight. The tint reduces glare to make it easier on your eyes, even when in a dark room.

Nano Tech Protection

There are also screen protectors available in a liquid form. Spray them onto your phone screen, and increase the hardness of the glass to an almost sapphire-level quality. All but invisible to the eye because there’s no physical screen to install, this kind of technology isn’t necessarily limited by screen size.

Liquid screen protectors can work on screens up to 17-inches, making them ideal for tablets as well. The only catch is that, unlike physical screen protectors, there is no way to remove the liquid protector once you’ve sprayed it on. Lasting protection that becomes an afterthought.

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