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Pump it up with a Stereo Receiver

For top-quality, heart-thumping sound from your home stereo system, outfit it with a stereo receiver. Through its audio input, a stereo receiver pushes sound from your MP3 player, computer and tablet, and then transmits the signals to your speakers, resulting in immersive, crystal-clear sound that’s perfect for any room. Best Buy has a great selection of stereo receivers from popular brands like Sony, Harman Kardon, Sherwood and Onkyo.

Fill a Room with Sound

Many stereo receivers come equipped with two channels for connecting two speakers and one or two subwoofers. A two-channel receiver is ideal for a room where you only want to listen to music, or where space is limited for a large speaker setup. If your receiver’s equipped with Dolby Virtual Speaker technology, you’ll experience amazing 5.1 surround sound from just two speakers.

Connect all your Audio Devices

A good stereo receiver has numerous inputs and outputs for all your audio needs. You’ll easily be able to connect external speakers and audio devices like your iPod, record player and smartphone, creating an amazing sound system that beats a simple boom box or radio. Some models also feature an AM/FM tuner for blasting your favourite radio stations, while others offer a digital input for connecting your HDTV, just like a home theatre receiver. If you’re a DJ with a turntable to connect, look for a phono input.

Bring Music to other Rooms

Some stereo receivers can simultaneously transmit sound from different audio sources to other rooms. You’ll need two sets of speakers and a receiver that has A and B speaker functionalities. If you want to listen to love songs while cooking in the kitchen and your husband wants to rock out to his iTunes library in the den, you can easily do this with an A-B stereo receiver.

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