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Next-Gen Xbox One Accessories for Next-Level Gaming

When it comes to chasing down bad guys and demolishing your friends online you want to pull out all the stops. The fate of the world may just hang in the balance. That or you just want to have more fun, with less hassle and more gameplay options. Xbox One accessories can help with all of the above.

Controllers vs. specialty controllers: What's the difference?

With the exception of Kinect games, you can play any Xbox One game using a regular Xbox One controller. Picking up a few extra controllers can turn an evening with friends into a fun-filled game night -- all without succumbing to the frustrations of Pictionary (or depths of awkward silence). Specialty controllers are for those who want to take their gaming to the next level. Serious gamers will want to check out the Xbox One Elite controller, which is highly customizable. Racing enthusiasts will want a steering wheel and pedal set. Fans of beat-em-up games can grab an arcade style button masher.

Xbox One Kinect

With Xbox One Kinect, you can make yourself the controller. Simple voice and gesture commands open and close games or apps. In Kinect compatible games, your real-world movements are beamed to your in-game character. Swing an imaginary baseball bat in your living room and your on-screen avatar hits an on-screen home run. Kinect also lets you make Skype calls on your TV.

Cables and power

Original Xbox One controllers aren't rechargeable. Instead they take a pair of regular AA batteries. Rechargeable battery packs for Xbox One controllers connect to your console with a USB cable, letting you charge (or play and charge) without having to replace batteries every other week. For added ease, you can use a charging dock instead. Simply pop your controller(s) on and let them charge in between each gaming session.

Hard drives

Games, updates, apps, and downloaded movies eat up lots of space. As your media library grows you may need to add more hard drive storage to your Xbox One. External gaming hard drives offer up to 2TB of additional storage capacity, so you can spend more time playing and less time managing your storage settings.


There is a range of miscellaneous Xbox One accessories you can use to streamline your experience. Chatpads give you a mini keyboard to input text and make in-game messaging a breeze. Media remotes let you watch movies, TV shows, and YouTube clips with a familiar ease. USB hubs give you more ports to attach more storage drives or peripherals.

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